The Laziest Dog In The World

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download heatstroke dvd I was catching up a friend of mine called Arun who lives close to my current place of work. He just happened to call me and since it had been atleast a year since we last spoke/met we had a lot of catching up to do. As always, I am reminded of his dog, a huge hulk of an Alsatian. The biggest one that I have ever seen and the most fearsome looking. And his name is Satan!

Only thing is Satan is the most loving dog on the planet. He is a lazy bum, who wants each and every person to rub his belly and scratch his ears and pat his head. If you do that, he will love you till he dies. Most people get scared on seeing him but all he wants to do is lick you and roll over for you. Satan wouldn’t hurt a fly. I wish I had a photo of him to share with you guys. I’ll ask Arun if he has any digital ones.

Satan is also a stud that Arun takes for breeding purposes to dog owners who have a bitch that they want to breed. In dog world, Satan is the luckiest dog in the world. I once went with Arun in his car to pick up Satan after he was dropped off at a house to…do the duty of impregnating the Alsatian bitch who was kenneled there. When we reached to pick him up, the son of a bitch had the laziest expression on his face and the look of contentment etched all over him! The bugger was sexually satisfied and he could barely walk into the car and once in he plonked himself on the back seat and went to sleep.

Arun and I stared at him and cursed him with all our might!

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