Changes To The About Me

For a very long time I’ve been thinking about reconstructing the “About” section of my blog. The weird kind of bio that you see in there was created way back in 2000 and I just made a few changes here and there. It’s not exactly what I wanted in a bio but it seemed ok at that time. But it’s time for a change. Only thing is I dunno in what direction I want to go.

Should I do the ever so popular “100 things about me” and list out things that define me? Or should I narrate my life in a nutshell? Or should I do the bio like in the 3rd person reference, as if I was writing about someone else? I am not sure what to do. I have checked out a few people’s bios in their blogs and I always enjoy the ones that are more elaborate and tell me a whole lot about the dude or dudette behind the font. Where they were born, raised, reasons for moving, what they did, what they are into etc etc etc!

kid galahad online download I normally work 6 days a week but this Monday being Bakr-id, I have two days off together. So I’m thinking that I’ll go out on Sunday and enjoy my first day out on the town in a month and then on Monday, get some coffee and put my winamp on shuffle and sit down and draft a new bio. I hope that I do complete it by Monday evening and that you’ll like it.

download flash gordon movie the last starfighter online download So everyone reading this please click on the “About” page in the menu on Tuesday and see if you like the new bio.