Too Much Blood In My Alcohol System

Finally, after a month, I ventured out into the town and went out just for the pleasure of it. I needed some time away from the monotony of home-office-home that has bogged me down for these last 30 days. Mainly due to my illness, I didn’t feel like going out and even when I was back at work, I would just come back home straight from work, stopping on a couple of occasions for a bowl of hot soup and twice for a quick dinner at a small restaurant near my residence.

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So after I woke up and browsed the net for a while, I took a shower and went over to marine drive for some coffee at Barista. I had missed having mocha frappes and I also had a muffin. That felt so good. It was ok weather wise but I didn’t stay there long. I then went to get some dvds and I got a handful of them for a very low price. I am excited about watching The Dark Knight & Hancock in particular. The store was boiling hot due to a power failure in that part of the city for about 2 hours. I sweated and sweated as I browsed through the dvds. Anyway, I left after that and went to get my hair cut.

While waiting for my turn, I made friends & played with a small boy who was about 3 years old. The little critter was tiny and funny. He offered me some of his cheetos which I politely refused as I don’t like them. Then I got my hair cut and feeling fresh I walked to Oberois for some Smirnoff. Ah man, I can’t tell you how much I missed drinking vodka+sprite (or seven up as it was in this case). When you can’t have it due to illness or some other reason, you really miss it. And you crave it. And even someone like me, who only drinks 3 to 4 times in a month. I need it. There was too much blood in my alcohol system!

I ate a plate of mixed noodles for lunch and read parts of Blood Canticle while I was there. Then it was home to lie on my bed and watch Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanomo Bay. Review to follow later.

Alex & Geddy Talks To George

The Hour on CBC is a great talk show, mostly because host George Stromboulopoulos will normally only try to get people who he likes or shares an interest with. And he has been good at it. This time George gets one of my favourite bands Rush on the show to talk a bit about things in the 40 year career (they started out as teenagers on their debut album in 1968 ) and their new dvd Snakes & Arrows live. Interesting clip, watch it if you either a Rush fan or if you like rock bands in general.

Perfect Little Apartment

flash gordon online Yesterday one of the guys in my team finalized on an apartment that he wanted to rent. It’s actually a house, with the owners living on the ground floor and a dainty little apartment that they had additionally built on the first floor. The entrance and stairway is to the side of the house. He seemed to like it so much and wanted it real bad. This guy had recently been married (September) and wanted to bring his wife to Cochin from his hometown of Kollam. So I went along with him when it was time to finalize the deal and as it was just 5 minutes away from our office.

It’s neat and looks new when compares to the main part of the house. The owner took us up as my colleague showed me the apartment – two bedrooms, a small living room, a tiny but good enough kitchen and a small bathroom. It’s quaint, it’s petite and it’s almost perfect. For a recently married guy and his wife to stay on rent while he works in Cochin, it’s an extremely good place to live in. He’s been looking forward to finding a suitable place to stay with his wife as he was tired of the men’s hostel that he was staying in. Who wouldn’t? And now she can find a job in the city and they can easily afford the Rs.3500 (including water + electricity charges) as rent. Just like said perfect for a recently married couple with no kids.

Or for a rocking bachelor! Who am I talking about? Me, that’s who! A quite little place of my own, plug in a computer with broadband, cable tv and have my own place. This is the kind of place that I have been dreaming about. I would be very happy in a place like this. Only thing is at my current salary, Rs.3500 is a bit steep for a bachelor to shell out. And that too with my family in the same city, I know my relatives would create havoc. Sigh, the perils of living in a place like this.

Someday, I will find my own castle. Someday!

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