Going Back On My Word

I went back on my word of redoing my “About Me” page in my blog. For anyone who was looking forward in hope of reading my reworked bio (all 6 of you :P ) I apologize from the bottom of the bottom part of my heart. I just couldn’t get down to it. Chalk it up to laziness and things not exactly going as I had planned. As I had Monday off due to it being a state holiday, I thought I would spend all of yesterday reworking my bio on the blog. As it turns out, I plan and fate intervenes.

We had an issue regarding work that required me to make & recieve a few phone calls and keep getting information. That and the heat yesterday put me off and I did not even type a single line or word on the bio. A shame on me, I know. But I hope to get started on it soon. It’s just that the way things are, it looks like it’s going to take me atleast a couple of days before I can relax and get my self in the mood to do it. I hang my head in embarrassment.

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