I Never Can Be Everything You Wanted From Me

If you ask me which is Bon Jovi’s best song, well I have a few options. But if you ask me which is Jon’s best song ever then I’ll have only one answer : Miracle. This is a truly beautiful song with some great lyrics (check it out below) and a good video to boot. And this was 18 years ago!

And look closely! Do you recognize the guitarist? It’s Jeff Beck! Look closer. Any other familiar face? Yup, that’s “Joey Tribianni” aka Matt Le Blanc as one of the bikers / friends of Jon.

A Grotesque Form Of Torture

Pop singers like Britney Spears, Massive Attack, Bruce Springsteen, Christina Aguilera & Eminem are upset that their songs are being used as a form of torture in prison camps at Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan & Iraq. Human rights groups have also protested the fact that tracks like “Hit Me Baby One More Time” & “Born In The USA” are being blasted in high volumes into the cells for hours on end. They say that it can cause the inmates long term psychiatric problems.It also seems that a song that was written for & sung by Barney the purple dino was also used as torture.

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Ok, this is too much. If I had to listen to Christina, Britney & that fucker Emenim, I would cave in an instant man! I’d tell them all of my sins since the day I was born. I’d be confessing to crimes I haven’t even come close to confessing. I’d sell them my soul, I’ll tell all of your secrets too!

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I confess, I confess.

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