Iron Man

One of the movies that I was really excited about was Iron Man. An icon from my years growing up in Kuwait, he was a favourite comic boon hero to thousands of us kids. The movie, although has done very well and been given good reviews, has disappointed me. I don’t see much thought gone into the plot. Hindi movies have similar plots to the age old father figure who is actually bad & trying to get the hero killed; hero almost wiped out by a similar looking designed suit. Let me tell you this though – Robert Downey Jr was the perfect actor for this role. I initially had my doubts about Downey being a super hero type but he nailed it. And he showed the character’s flaws which is the best part – makes the Iron Man look human. Tony Stark is egoistic, power driven and full of himself. He also loves women!

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watch resident evil degeneration online I didn’t like the Afghanistan tie-in, although the Middle East has replaced the former Soviet Union as the terror of American, so I guess that was expected. The suit is awesome and some of the special effects are fab – the best sceans are when Stark is testing his new suit. Gwyneth Paltrow is wasted in a “pretty kitten secratary” role (come on) where she has exactly time to show 12% of her acting ability. Jeff Bridges looked perfect as the main villain – until I heard his voice after donning the Iron Monger suit! Typical big bad man voice and dialogue.

thin line between love and hate a dvd I’ll rate this movie 7/10 (but mostly for the effects) and I think I’ll watch it a couple of more times but I really don’t see it becoming my a favourite. By Febuary-March this dvd will probably start collection dust and lie unused in a corner of my cupboard. I hope the sequels are better.