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This post if about my friend Darren. I’ve never met my buddy Darren in real life. I met him online through his geocities page (that was a long time ago) and I really like the custom design he had on it. From then we started exchanging mails & the occasional chat. We exchanged our life stories. He was born the same year as me and I stole borrowed his infamous line “Part of the problem since 1976”. He told me about his then girlfriend/wife and his son, a now 8 year old boy named Dylan. When I first read about how he met his ex, I was jealous as they seemed so perfect.

Darren had an active life – he was from Penticton, BC (Canada) and lived in Edmonton for a while, where he met his now ex. He was a Linux programmer (he even helped out my cousin Shalini via email on her college project on Linux and did more than I would expected for a person he has never met or talked to), created websites and a chef. I remember something about a chef’s job in BC during the summer while taking a break from his freelance programming. He plays guitar & bass and we share a taste for the music that cinematic post-roc band Godspeed You Black Emperor! Of all the bands in the world!!

dive bomber online the duchess movie We kept in touch over the years but I lost contact with him here and there. The last gap (till a few days ago) was quite long and also going by the inactivity on his website, I actually though that I would never hear from him again. But then I saw a comment on one of my blog posts and I immediately emailed him to find out how he had been doing. I got a reply today. Darren has traveled extensively throughout Canada. He now has a steady gig as a truck driver and based outta Edmonton, Alberta due to the fact that his son lives there and in order to be with him, Darren had to move from his hometown. He is a bit bummed out that he has to be on the road for the holidays and is going to be far away from his family on Christmas.

It was great to hear from him again. I remember calling him up one night about 3 years ago and talking to him. That was the day that I had learned about him splitting up with his ex and that she had moved to Edmonton. I knew he was missing his son. I’m glad that he gets to see him more often now. I wish him well and hope that he settled down soon and finds happiness. Seasons greetings to you Darren, even if you are on the road.

Darren aka

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Sens Update 16th Dec

5 games have been played since the last update. On the 6th the Sens welcomed the Pittsburgh Penguins to the Scotiabank Place and the crowd got to witness Jason Spezza’s second career hat trick, which lifted the Ottawa to a 3-2 victory over Pittsburgh. A sellout crowd of 19,561 at Scotiabank Place watched Spezza beat Penguins goaltender Dany Sabourin on three occasions in the second period. Dany Heatley added a pair of assists and Alex Auld made 17 saves for Ottawa. Chris Neil was back in the Senators’ lineup for the first time after missing six games following arthroscopic surgery on his right knee to repair a torn meniscus and Alexandre Picard also returned after missing 2 games due to a wrist injury.

Two nights later on the 8th, Ottawa lost in overtime to the Florida Panthers. Spezza, Heatley & Chris Kelly had the goals in that one. With 3 points out of a possible 4, Ottawa travelled to Chicago only to be shutout by the Blackhawks 0-2.

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Even more worrying was the game in the DC against the Capitals, who were Inspired by the return of Sergei Fedorov and Mike Green and maintained their home-ice dominance Friday night with a 5-1 victory over the Senators. Jesse Winchester prevented what would have been Ottawa’s second shutout in a row when he scored with about 2-1/2 minutes to play.

The very next day the Sens were vitalized by a quick trip back home and by the return of goalie Martin Gerber made 24 saves for his first shutout of the season in the 2-0 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday night. Alexandre Picard opened the scoring with a power-play goal at 5:04 of the first period and Daniel Alfredsson added an empty-net goal with 45 seconds left. The Senators are back home again Tuesday against the Atlanta Thrashers.

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I Wanted To Come &See You But…

I met a girl recently. Our initial day was not all that great. Infact I was getting very annoyed at her and had things gone any worse that day I would have really given it to her. Day 2, however, was not so bad. I warmed up to her. She turned out to be nice, warm, friendly & funny. Best thing was, she laughed at all my jokes. I cracked her up with some of my stuff; she laughed so hard that she almost fell off her chair. Twice!

I teased her a bit and she reacted in the cutest way possible. She’s pretty and cute with a perfect little nose. A nose you’ll feel like pinching if you saw it. Light, clear, fair skin. And she’s pretty in an unobvious way and the best part is that she uses no makeup. She doesn’t have to. Day 3 was better, me & other girl walked her to the bus stop and we went together to her destination. I walked her to her friends place. Day 4 was more better. She would grab my arm when I pretended to leave, as if upset by her teasing, and that would make me stay. Day 5 was her last day in the city at work and she would be going back to her office and her hometown on Sunday at 5pm. We said goodbye on Saturday night at around 8:30 pm.

On Sunday we text messaged each other all throughout the morning. I asked her what her plans were for the day until her flight at 5pm. She said that she was bored and had no plans. I felt that I should go to her hotel and surprise her, maybe get a pizza and have lunch with her or something. And then drop her off at the airport. Or take her out for a bit. I hesitated. What was I thinking? It’s not like I was in love with her or falling for her. And this is me? Unlucky in the matters of the heart. And I still haven’t gotten over the other woman. But I could have done it. You know, just try it out and if it develops into something let it develop. But I chickened out. I don’t make as much money as she does. She’s used to finer stuff. She lives in a metro, she’s used to that. I’m a small town boy at heart. She’s pretty and cute, I’m fat & ugly. So I chickened out.