Tiffed Off With My ISP

Hey folks, as I had mentioned yesterday I had internet connectivity problems, since the cable had got cut somewhere near my residence in the early hours of Thursday and hence I couldn’t get only online from home for over 24 hours until it got repaired. I had called up my ISP’s customer care number to register a complaint and waited for them.

Now, for the past few months I have always requested them to call me back on my cell phone number. My landphone number was the initial number registered there (when I took the connection in 2006) but only my mom & dad use that. I never ever use the landphone. My mom does not use my computer, neither does she know anything about the internet. My dad does but not too much. So they won’t be able to check if it’s working or not. So when I call the ISP for a technical complaint, I always tell them to check back with me on my cell. They always tell me that they will add that information there. Each time. For the last 6 or 7 months!

This time too I asked them to do the same. The call center agent told me it would be done. Their technical guys called up my landphone…again. My mom gave them my cell number and asked them to call me. I told the tech guy that I can check the connectivity only when I am back home and that I reach home only after 8 pm. They still called the landline 5 times later that day and kept asking my mother and once to my father, to check and see if the internet was back on. My parents kept telling me that they did not know much about it and to call me.

When I came home and they told me about this, I was livid. I was raging with anger. Enough was enough! I called up my ISP’s call center and I told them off. I told the guys who picked up (and who kept interrupting me by the way) that this was unacceptable and that I wanted to speak to his supervisor. This guy finally was the only fellow who told me that I could change the information by logging on to their website and changing my account information. I was then transferred to his supervisor and I told him how pissed off I was. I told him that I work in a similar industry and have been doing so for almost 6 years and that this kind of practise was unacceptable and that they should rectify their mistakes. I also told them that I can understand technical issues – that’s part and parcel of the whole deal. It will take time to rectify those but people issues are a different matter.

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I was careful not to use any profanity. I would never do that. I was polite but my tone told them the story. Now, they are lucky that I come from a similar industry and that I usually have sympathy for all call center customer care reps. Not all their customers are going to be like me. So TATA INDICOM BROADBAND – shape up your customer care service! Teach your associates to stick to facts!

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Whoops A Deady

reach for the sky dvd Here’s one of the oddest deaths that I have ever heard off. A Japanese man had died in September due to injuries suffered at his own retirement party, thrown by his colleagues. Actually thrown!

His co-workers threw up the 60 year old man into the air, in a ceebratory gesture but failed to catch him on the way down. The man fell hard on the ground and the fall damaged his neck and backbone, leaving him paralysed and he eventually died of blood poisoning. The suffering lasted for 10 months before he finally passed away. His 59 year old wife has filed police complaints against the colleagues at the transportation company where her husband had worked for.