Rebooting The Lizard Visitors

All of you kids out there who were growing up in the 1980’s would probably remember the sci-fic series V. Well if you don’t, then you probably did not watch much tv except for those cartoons. I remember watching V with several other kids in the building – at the ages of 8,9,10, V was considered to be a bit scary and there was strength in numbers.

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Although we now laugh at the special effects and the make up, I still think that it was a great show. I’ve been trying to see if I could either dowload the series from the net or buy the dvd collection somewhere here (best of luck Roshan, the selection in Cochin stinks).There’s the two mini-series and the tv series.

And then I just read that the has been plans to remake the entire series. Not a continuation or an adaptation of the novel V: The Second Generation, an alternative sequel to the first mini-series. A rebooting! Not another one. Why do they want to reboot all the science fiction series.

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Oh and it’s also Jane Badler’s (pictured above, she played the lead  villainess Diana) birthday tomorrow. So happy birthday Diana!