Party Animal? Not This Year Dude!

I’m back at home now. Back in the apartment. The issue that I mentioned in the previous post – seems like that will be taken care off but I am not in a great mood. I had  few talks on it and I am convinced that I & the team can handle it. But that bitter taste will just not leave and it has effectively ruined my mood for celebrating the new year’s.

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I preferred to be alone. After the working day was done (I was quite relaxed during the afternoon hours) and I had my year end meeting with my team (minus 2 who couldn’t attend today), I was ready to leave. I left and took a bus and walked to the bar. I had some vodka in quick succession and had a fried quill (kada fry in the local lingo). I must say that it’s quite delicious but the portion is too small. Well that’s because the damn bird is too small. But what a delicious bird.

I was there for just 45 minutes or so, then I went to a small hotel and asked them for dinner to go. I’m having fried rice & chilly beef. I also bought some chocolate to eat at exactly 12:00 am (couldn’t get any tasty cake at this late a time) and took an auto back home. Drinking vodka that quickly went to my head and made me feel drunk very quickly but it lasted for just about 30 minutes. I came home and plonked on the sofa, had some chocolate and watched tv for a bit. It was only 9:15 pm! Some party animal I am!

But I had wanted it this way since I wasn’t in any mood to party with my cousins or my friends and made up some excuse not to be anywhere but home alone. And it’s fine – home by myself, with some music playing and some food. It could be much worse. So I’m going to eat my dinner now as it’s 10:15 pm and I’m feeling hungry again.

Disappointing End To 2008

So it’s the last day of the year 2008. It’s been a bumpy ride. I’m rather disappointed that the year is ending on an extremely sour note for me due to what happened last evening at the office. A few of my team members have let me down in doing something that is not considered ethical. Ofcourse, it’s being done by many in the system but these 3 guys got caught.

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It’s not like the company has all these George Washingtons & Satya Harish Chandrans in the fold. Manipulations & covering up happens all the time, perhaps less in my department rather than others. But the finger pointing will happen ofcourse. They need to face the music and as their lead I’ll walk out in front. I’ll ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

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