The Couple From Utrecht

I left my apartment at around 1 pm to go buy a new belt for myself yesterday. I really like the style of the one I bought. Then it was on to Cafe Coffee day where I had cookies and a mocha frappe.

While I was there, a Dutch couple walked in and sat at the table right in front of me. It seems that they were lost and tired from wandering out in the hot sun, they came in for some coffee and some sandwiches. They asked the waiter the way back to their hotel & about a couple of places they had wanted to go to. Since the waiter did not know the places and I had overheard them, I offered to help them with directions.

the mark of cain online download For the next hour & a half, I sat with the Dutch couple from Utrecht – he was black Dutch-Surinamese and she was white – and we chatted about Dutch football and some of our favourite players. It was fun to sit there and talk about Overmars & Bergkamp, the De Boer brothers and many other famour footballers of the past from Holland.

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Friends Season 8

So Monica & Chandler are now Mr. & Mrs. Bing but Chandler slips on the dance floor and rips his mother in law’s skirt off. Ross dances with children to impress Mona, a beautiful woman he meets at the wedding. Meanwhile Rachel takes a pregnancy test again and decides to keep the baby. The others try to find out who the father is but Rachel doesn’t tell them. They think it’s Tag until Ross, unknowingly lets them know that he is the culprit. Once Ross knows the debate comes up as to who initiated their single night of sex that produced the child. Their evening was videotaped by accident and it turns out that Rachel made the first move. Phoebe then dates a sweet guy who works for Monica which becomes awkward when he gets fired and dumped on the same night.

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At a Halloween party Pheobe meets Eric, Ursula’s fiance and finds herself attracted to him. Eric has no idea about Ursula’s true nature and once he does he dumps her and starts a brief affair with Pheobe until it gets too weird. Ross and Chandler arm wrestle at the same party. Monica thinks that their new maid is stealing her clothes and ends up making it weird for Chandler as he tries to confirm it. Later feeling bad that Chandler didn’t get a stripper for his bachelor party, she hires one….only she turns out to be a hooker.

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During thanksgiving Rachel finds out that Ross co-founded the “I hate Rachel” club with Will (played by Brad Pitt) and spread transsexual rumours about her in school. Monica & Chandler get a pacman game as a gift while Joey takes Rachel out on a date. Joey starts to have feelings for Rachel and Chandler enjoys to take baths so much! Rachel moves in with Ross which complicates his relationship with Mona. Joey then confesses his love for Rachel, who politely turns his down.

This leaves things awkward between them so Rachel comes up with a weird problem to get Joey to talk to her again. At his parent’s wedding anniversary party, Ross & Rachel pretend to be married and the guests gush at the description of the imaginary wedding. Joey is interviewed by soap opera digest and then sleeps with the interviewer. Chandler & Ross help Joey out in preparing for a game show host appearance. Then, after being late in having the baby and meeting Janice at the labour ward, Rachel finally has the baby, who they name Emma.

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Scared of the future, Rachel says “yes” to Joey, when she thinks that he is proposing to her. Actually he had just picked up a ring that Ross’s mom gave to him to ask Rachel to marry him (Ross). The season ends on this note.