Blowing Off Some Steam

download the christmas miracle of jonathan toomey A few days back it was decided that the guys of the training & quality teams would get together in one of the guys’ house and have a few drinks and some food. This was fixed this Tuesday and today, Saturday, was the day for it. No girls, since none of them drink.

So today after work the guys gathered together in the house of my department’s MIS guy. One of my trainer had his wife cook some delicious chicken fry and chicken curry and we bought some porottas as well. There were some snacks like mixture, peanuts & some chips.

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Drinks were plenty – two bottle of MGM Orange flavoured Vodka and one bottle of Brandy. Sprite & soda brought along the rear guard. There were 3 non-drinkers in our group. We have some laughs and had the food and drank a few. We played some rock songs on the stereo and head banged to it, sang along to it and played air guitar to it. Perfect way to blow off some steam?

I wanted to come home quickly, so my counterpart in quality drove me home on his bike. He doesn’t drink. I was in a little after 10 pm and since it’s been so hot, I took a bath and now I’m drinking some cold water and watching Star Trek 1.

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One Week (The Movie)

download recon 2022 the mezzo incident online This is a movie that I really want to see. One Week stars Joshua Jackson, who plays Ben Tyler a man diagnosed with cancer. With little chance of surviving it, he decides to travel across Canada. Along the way, he makes new friends, and learns to appreciate life.

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I’ve Got A Long Way To Go Before I Can Say Goodbye

I heard her voice today while I was at work. I wasn’t expecting it and therefore she caught me off guard. I saw that there was a call from an area that I did not recognize and I picked it up. I heard her voice and she took a moment to understand that it was me speaking on the other line. It took me a moment as well to make out that it was her. She wanted some data from one of the other members of the team. So I handed over the phone.

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She seemed surprised to know that it was me on the phone. Well, honey, you did call my extention. What did you expect? I thought that I would be ok by now. It has been 8 months since I saw her and 7 months since we stopped speaking. Oh that – we were discussing something and apparently she thought that I was blaming her for something which wasn’t true. Then she treated me badly because of it. So I got angry and I decided that I wouldn’t talk to her or want to have anything to do with her. Later she spoke to a girl in my team and told her to tell me that she isn’t angry with me.

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The hell with that, I was angry with her and I didn’t want anything to do with her. A few days back, I was surprised to see that she had ‘accepted my Facebook invite’. It took me a while to realize that I had sent that invite months ago, when I was still on talking terms with her. I immediately deleted and blocked her id.

download g mt greenwich mean time dvd The thing is, I thought I was over it. Hearing her voice today let me know that I wasn’t where I thought I am. It still hurts. I guess that I am not exactly over her. And therein lies the problem. If I can’t move on, there’s no way that I can try to pursue any kind of romantic thing with someone else. I’m not quite ready yet, even though I sure as hell want to be ready. I guess I need more time.

Hindu Activists Abuse College Students In Mangalore

download american gangster The vile activists of Sri Rama Sene are at it again! Well, they haven’t been identified as being of that Radical group but it sure smells like them though. The fourth such incident in a month in the city of Mangalore, 4 unidentified miscreants heckled a boy and two girls who were sitting in a juice shop. Some of you would have read about this in my blog earlier.

The two girls were Hindu and the boy was a Muslim and this enraged the 4 idiots. Apparently they thought that the boy sitting & talking with the 2 Hindu girls, who were his college mates, was a show of disrespect and they abused and threatned the boy for speaking in public to the girl. Other people at the shop alerted the police but before the cops could arrive, the 4 men left the scene.

On the 14th of Feb, a group of activists of the same group had attacked a Valentine’s day party held within the confines of a Call Center in Mangalore. Apparently, the function was an insult to Hindu sentiments and the god Rama was appalled at it. So his Sena (army) went to break up the party and beat up a few people. Similar such incidents have been heard in the city of Mangalore.

download enchanted So where are we headed to? Do these terrorists in the name of a Hindu god get to chose what the people do? Who appointed them as moral police for India? I think the police have to do something permanent, round up the top members of this group and raid their head quarters. We do not need no Rama Sene.

Incidentally Rama’s Army in mythology was full of monkey men! Is that why this morons are acting like Apes? Henceforth, let’s refer to the Sri Rama Sene are Ape Men!

RIP Wendy Richard

Wendy Richard MBE, an English actress best known for playing Miss Brahms in British tv series Are You Being Served? and Pauline Fowler in EastEnders , died today at the Harley Street Clinic, where she was being treated for breast cancer. Richard also appeared in two Carry On films, playing a cameo role in Carry On Matron and a supporting part in Carry On Girls.

Wendy Richard (20 July 1943 – 26 February 2009)

Notes For 26th Feb, 09

  • Been helping Anil to install & setup iTunes in his computer. He just bought an Ipod Nano (4GB for those who note these kind of things) and wanted to start listening to music on it. After I reached home, I guided him through the steps.
  • My other close friend Madhu wants me to help his wife’s relative get a job in my firm as a call center customer care agent. My company needs people urgently and so I want this girl to drop in by Saturday, attend the interview and if selected she can join the training batch which will start on Monday. He wants to help them out and I hope she gets through.
  • Need to book my calendar and make sure than nothing else comes in the way. My cousin Shalini is getting married on the 25th of May. The venue is the newish (it’s been up & running for a few years) wedding hall / general events hall right next to the temple in Thrikkakara. Funny thing is, I used to say that I wanted to be the first person to get married in that hall, just because it’s so close to my house. But ofcourse many weddings and some other functions have taken place there. Well, I don’t live there anymore so who cares? You can have it Shals! :P
  • I’m getting a little addicted to Twitter. Not so much as in posting something; I have done a few since I signed up. But more as in checking the updated comments every 30 minutes and following the links that some Twitters post. It’s really cool.
  • It’s been decided that the men of the training & quality department will be getting together for a booze party on Saturday the 28th. It should start around 6:30 pm and it will be at the rented place of my MIS guy. 2 bottles of Vodka, 1 bottle of brandy and a couple of big bottles of Sprite & Coke. There are 3 non-drinkers in the bunch. We’re thinking of whole grilled chicken for the main course.

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Eball : Futuristic PC Design Concept

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How Star Trek Borg is this?

With only 6 inch diameter, E-Ball was claimed as the smallest PC in the world with the ball shape, a mini projector and laser keyboard. Take a look at the pics – you’ll see the pop-out laser mouse, a pico projector inside that illuminates either the wall or a sheet of paper for a screen, and that laser keyboard that would almost certainly be a clumsy input device. Read more about this oddball here.

Stephen Page Leaves BNL

Causing one of the biggest shocks to their fans, the Barenaked ladies have announced that singer/guitarist and founding member Stephen Page has left the band and will be pursuing a solo career and theatrical opportunities. The other band members, Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, Ed Robertson, and Tyler Stewart will go back in the studio in April and out on the road in the fall.

Although Robertson has tried to keep things positive with his comment on the band’s official website, I can’t help but wonder how much of a role Page’s recent trist with the law on drug possesion charges play in this decision. “It’s the start of a new chapter for all of us,” Robertson said. “Here’s to the future!”

It’s a damn shame. They’re my joint favourite band of all time. I will miss the musical chemistry Page shared with Robertson on the vocals. All the best Stephen.

Sens Update 25th Feb

So when I last updated on the Ottawa Senators, they had just won 4 games on the trot. Well, they would go on to win their 5th in a row, away against the Nashville Predators.

download virgin territory online Nick Foligno and Dany Heatley scored first-period goals and Alex Auld made 24 saves to lead Ottawa to a 2-0 victory. But the very next day they travelled to Denver and lost in overtime to the Colorado Avalanche 2-3. American fringe player Ryan Shannon scored both the goals for the Sens.

download taxidermia dvd Two days later it was back home at the Scotiabank Place where the Vancouver Canucks came calling. The Canucks would run out 5-2 winners and Heatley and Mike Fisher scored later in the second for Ottawa, which fell in regulation for the first time since a 1-0 loss to Los Angeles on Feb. 3 in head coach Cory Clouston’s NHL debut. Two days later it was a trip to nearby Montreal and a 3-5 loss to the Habs. Heatley scored twice for Ottawa and Jarkko Ruutu scored the other goal.

Which brings us to the just completed game, a 4-2 win at home over the Carolina Hurricanes. Heatley, Chris Kelly, Mike Comrie & Jason Spezza had the goals for Ottawa.

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Chance Meeting With A Former Colleague

This evening, on my way home, I met this guy who works in the main office of the former corporate that I used to work for. He is from the finance department and a Tamilian and he was always a cheerful and helpful fellow. He happens to live not too far from where I do and saw me while he was riding home on his bike and so he decided to chat.

It had been atleast 3 years since I last had any contact with him – I worked for a year more in the outsourced agency of that company but I rarely had to interact with finance in the profile in which I worked during that year. I’m surprised that he remembered me so well although he did forget my name and I forgot his. I mean, he wasn’t there for too long before I made my move to the outsourced agency.

download the ghost and the darkness dvd So it’s really nice to know that I do make good impressions on people. He said that he always used to hear good things about me, even now, from people in that company. I’m touched that they still talk about me there; after all it’s been over 2 years since I left. My current company is doing a big project with my previous employers and he wanted to know if I would be joining in the new center starting up in Coimbatore. He had asked for a transfer to Tamil Nadu, as he is a native Tamilian. I told him that it would be too complicated for me to go back to doing work for them.

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But I felt nice to be thought of fondly by those people. Lifted my spirits quite a bit.

Succumbed To The Little Blue Birdie

I finally gave in and signed up with Twitter.

It’s something I never thought that I would do. “It was for the mass and not for my ass”, I exclaimed.

After seeing almost every blogger that I follow, and then some, succumb to the simpleness of the little blue birdie, I caved in to.

the bounty online download I think it’s a cool web application. I created the id 1 hour ago to be exact and I have two followers already. I’m sure that most of you think that its’ the bees knees. Or the cat’s whiskers!

Anyway follow me @

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The Night Mickey Rourke Got Robbed Of An Oscar

I stopped watching the Oscars years ago, preferring to watch the winners in news clips or highlight shows the day after the event. The reason is that the show/event sucks, just like the Grammies (although the Grammies suck & blow & swallow for awarding crappy musicians). But I always wanted to know who won and compare it with my notes.

download the sandlot online This year was no different, except that I really wanted to see Mickey Rourke win.  Hands down, best acting I have ever seen in recent years. But he got robbed. Big time! The Academy awarded the Best Actor to that jackass Sean Penn for his role as a fruit case! The Academy sucks.

Best Actress went to the lovely Kate Winslet, who deserves it as she is always excellent, much like Meryl Streep. Speaking of Meryl, as radiant & gorgeous as always, her role was introduced by the scary looking Sophia Loren! Man is she a vision of which nightmares are made of! She can be in the movie I’m making, ‘Night of the Zombie 70 year old former Sex Goddess’.

life of brian movie download Scumdog Millionaire (I am so sick of this movie) won best movie, Danny Boyle best director and that asshole A R Rahman won 2 Oscars! You gotta be kidding me. Read this before you go all congratulations on that fuckface. I can’t stand him and I can’t stand crappy Tamil music.

Other notes on the event : I really got to get a copy of Vicky Christina Barcelona , glad that Penelope won an Oscar. Heath Ledger won for best supporting actor – like anyone had a doubt! Ofcourse, they were going to award the dead actor!

I’m not worried about the rest of the awards. This year’s event sucks. I’m not watching them anymore.

I Met Annie Today

Today I wanted to go out and have some mocha coffee frappe and read a book in a coffee shop. I haven’t been out much lately and it’s beginning to affect my nerves. I also wanted to drink a few beers with my lunch as it’s beginning to get really hot these days. So off I went to Cafe Coffee Day at around 12:30 pm to grab a coffee and read in peace. Well not so much peace; as usual CCD was playing some band’s really, really bad cover versions of rock classics. Seriously guys, please buy the originals!

When I got in, I was the only customer, sitting in one corner,  and in about 5 minutes a girl came in. Then two guys who sat in one corner. Then three girls came in and sat on the only big couch in the cafe and through the corner of my eye I could see that one of them was staring at me. I looked up and smiled as I too recognized her. It was Annie.

Annie was this girl who worked in Idea when I was there and who I haven’t seen since mid 2005, when she abruptly left. But I can’t forget her! She approached me and said “Roshan” and it took me a few more seconds to say “Annie” and then we started talking. She said that she saw me from across the street (the cafe is on the first floor). She sat at my table for a while as we tried catching up (it’s hard people, to try and catch up stuff that happened in the past 3.5 years in 30 minutes) and spoke about various people who worked with us. I noticed that she has had a bout with chicken pox recently and we spoke about work and stuff.

I’m so happy to have met her cause I really wanted to try and contact her during this gap but I couldn’t get her number and she didn’t have mine. Well, we exchanged numbers before she had to rejoin her friends. I really did miss her and I have this thing about her eyes….they are gorgeous. It really was nice to talk to her after all this while and I hope that she and I can see more of each other now. There was a brief mention of getting together soon and I plan on taking her up on it. She’s not someone that I want to miss out on having in my life again!

Let me be more clear; I think she & I could have something. I certainly plan on looking into it as I think she would be perfect for me. I don’t know yet if it will work but I fully intend to pursue it. Slowly. We’ve got to catch up first and I’ve got to be a stable part of her circle of friends. I see this as a positive sign and I would like to see if something can happen. To end this post, I must quote that CCD’s slogan:

A lot can happen over coffee!

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Yet Another Draw For Arsenal

Arsenal are not scoring goals. The midfield is lacking in creativity and not offering good service to the strikers. We can’t buy goals at the moment.  The Gunners need a solid target man and who ever though that Bendtner is one! Without Arshavin, Van Persie, Almunia, Fabregas, Nasri, Gallas & Adebayor the squad looks mediocre.

These are the thoughts that faced me as I watched a toothless Arsenal try to beat Sunderland. We’re talking Sunderland over here and not a big team. How can Arsene Wenger possibly believe that his team is capable of winning anything? Sure when they turn on the skillful passing game it’s sweet and the best thing in football. But when they are not on, the passing turns out to be boring. The only bright spot was that Andry Arshavin looked sharp on his debut. He almost scored twice in the first 15 minutes of the game.

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