Old BSG Opening Titles Theme


Here’s the opening titles theme from the original Battlestar Galactica. I tried, I really tried to like the new BSG and see what all the fuss was about. People kept raving about it and saying that it’s way better than anything else currently on tv and it”s massively more technically advanced and that it’s darker & more mature that the old one.

Well it’s darker alright and the characters are more fleshed out. But you’ve got to remember that the original was made in 1978 and the special effects were limited. However, I’m comparing the original’s theme about an advanced race of humans who were separated from us on Earth, now looking for us to survive after their home worlds got destroyed  by an alien race. The new one says nothing about aliens but it’s more like an American vs Arab terrorists in the sky (they look like us, speak like us, engineered to be like us).

Yes the storyline is fascinating in the new BSG and I would want to know how it all ends. But the copies of cylons is boring me. I want the nostalgic BSG, that was a huge part of my childhood. It’s optimism in the face of adversary and yes there’s a lot of humour in it. And I love the old opening theme way better than the ‘Gayathri Mantra’ opening in the new one (so they weren’t Americans but actually Hindus?). I guess I’ll never like the new one better than the original. But if you prefer the new one, that’s ok. Cause it’s good too! But……

Sens Trade McAmmond, Welcomes Back Comrie

With the trade deadline looming ahead on March 4th, the Ottawa Senators went ahead to acquiring two needed resources in offence & defence. Rejuvenated by new coach Cory Clouston and a current 5-1-1 streak, GM Bryan Murray traded forward Dean McAmmond and a 2009 first-round draft pick the Senators had originally acquired from San Jose for center Mike Comrie and defenseman Chris Campoli from the New York Islanders.

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This will be Comrie’s second stint in Ottawa. The eighth-year veteran had 25 points in 41 games with the Senators during the 2006-07 season after being acquired from the Phoenix Coyotes on Jan. 3, 2007. He also had 2 goals and 6 points in 20 playoff games as the Senators reached the Stanley Cup Final. That summer, Comrie signed with the Islanders. Last season, he led the Islanders with 49 points and was second with 21 goals. He missed five weeks earlier this season with a hip injury, and in 41 games has 7 goals and 20 points.

Murray says that when he talked to Comrie a while back, the Edmonton native had indicated he really was disappointed when he left Ottawa. The next 25 games will see if Comrie gets to stay for longer – he becomes a free agent on July 1.

download mr magorium s wonder emporium movie Joining Comrie in Canada’s capital is Campoli, a 2004 seventh-round pick who has blossomed into a full-time NHL player in his fourth season. After a breakout rookie season that saw him post 9 goals and 34 points in 80 games, health issues have plagued Campoli. Mostly healthy this season, Campoli has 6 goals and 17 points in 51 games, numbers that put him on pace to nearly match his first-season output. McAmmond, in his 16th NHL season, joins his eighth team. In 916 NHL games with the Blackhawks, Oilers, Flyers, Flames, Avalanche, Blues and Senators, McAmmond has 176 goals and 422 points. In 44 games with the Senators this season, McAmmond has 3 goals and 7 points.

Reading Jackie Collins

juno dvd Reading Jackie Collins novels are my one vice that I am admittedly a little embarrassed about. It’s sleazy and full of corny dialogues and lots of cliches and sex scenes. Women are either classic beauties & sexy but with style & substance or the dumb blonde variety. Men are sex gods or feinds or drug dazed.

miss potter movie She’s been enormously successful: to date she has sold over 400 million copies of her novels which have been translated into 40 languages. The first book of hers which I had read was Rock Star, which I have to admit is my fav of hers and I think it’s a really good novel. I have read atleast another 11 of her books but this one stands out. Among the rest, what I have noticed is common trends. For eg, stealing a food item! Like ‘she stole a french fry off her friend’s plate’.

First of all, the friend offered her some of her food, our lady said no, but deep in conversation she decided to ‘steal’. Another novel has ‘stole a pancake’; again while two people are having breakfast together. And ofcourse, she has this trend of dumb dialogues among people. Long time friends saying things so obvious about each other. Or a father saying to his daughter “You’re really something kid” or the ever present “God, she loved him”!

home of the brave online download There’s a lot of insincere talk along the way but it’s fun in a sleazy way. When I pick up one of her books, I know that I won’t be taxing my brain too much. Except when I try to imagine the “blonde bimbo, with the floppy boobs and jammy lips applying a liberal dose of lip gloss”! That would be some scene!

Scare Of Measles, Allergic Reactions, Skull Cramps & No Buses – Part 2

download sharpe s challenge online matchstick men download download the price of the american dream ii movie awake movie download Cold drink of water and a face wash later, I’m back in my seat.

Since there were no buses playing their trade in the city, the company had arranged cabs for us employees. However there were just two of us, me & my friend from HR Kiran, who were leaving at that time. Then we were requested to take care of a lady employee, from among the call center agents, who was ill and had to be taken to the hospital. This young girl had an allergic reaction to some medicine she had taken for a cold & headache. So Kiran and I offered to taken her to a nearby hospital and then drop her home in the cab before we were taken to our respective homes.

We had just set out when we were called back to the office – another lady was ill and this time they suspected measles. A case of German Measles had been working it’s way across the employees and this was victim number 11. So we went back, picked this girl up and drove to the hospital. There we waited, along with a few football players from CUSAT  (Cochin University of Science & Technology) whose team mate was injured from a fall he took on the field, until the on call doctor could diagnose the two girls. It was as suspected – allergic reaction to taking the wrong medicine for the first girl & measles for the latter. Not German by the way; it was your garden variety good ole ordinary Indian measles .

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Then we dropped off the measles ridden girls at her home as the other one would be taken care of by some other colleague. It was a long, long drive from Kalamassery to the end of Vypeen. Once we had her safe in her house, the cab driver drove us to Vytilla so we could drop of Kiran and finally at 10:15 pm, 3 hours after I had left the office, I reached home. What a day!

Scare Of Measles, Allergic Reactions, Skull Cramps & No Buses – Part 1

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Wow, that heading is a mouthfull! Anyways that’s what my day was all about. It started out with the realization that there were no buses in the city today due to the announcement of a 2 day work strike. The reason was the lowered rates as declared recently due to the lowering of fuel prices. So that was waiting for us.

By the time I got the office, started discussig upcoming work with a couple of my team members & got to my seat, I had a major headache throbing away to full glory. I have heard this term called skull cramp – that’s exactly what it felt like. I still soldiered on and continued with my work. A meeting with video conferencing was called at 1pm and by my luck, I was sitting right in the front, staring at the screen from close range. My headache went to 4.5 on the richter scale.

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I had a late lunch and came back to my seat when another smaller meeting was called. I dragged my self to attend that one for 30 minutes and then went to talk to my team mates for some other stuff. My head began to feel like there was a war going on inside it. By 5.45 I had had it and went to the cafeteria for fresh air and a snack along with tea. At 10 minutes past 6 pm, I felt much better. The throbbing had died down. I sent all my reports, mails and managed to have a small joking session for about 10 minutes with some colleagues. 7:15 pm and it was time to go.

I’ll be back in a bit….my head is throbbing right now.

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Notes For 18th Feb

  • In order to get the call center associates in my company to come forth with customer appreciation stories, I have announced that I will be giving a chocolate for every success story. The chocolate costs Rs.5 and will be taken out of the training budget assigned to me.
  • I loaned out my copy of Descent, a horror movie from a couple of years ago, to a friend at work and she had nightmares for 3 nights after watching it. Her parents have called me up to request me to never give her any scary movies henceforth.
  • Anyone still playing Doom? Back in the years 1997-2000, I would get many shareware games from cds that they gave out with computer magazines & from friends and I played them at all hours of the day & night. But Doom was my Mt. Everest and I loved playing it. I was a fanatic. I haven’t played it in years (I don’t play any games except for the occasional NHL 08 or Fifa 05) but I’ll be searching for a copy of Doom & kill all them monsters.
  • Joss Whedon has come up with another project! This guy never ceases to amaze me; how resilient and talented and prolific is he. So that’s Buffy (the movie), Buffy (the series), Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and now Dollhouse! It stars Eliza Dushku & Tahmoh Penikett. It promises to be good.
  • You have got to see this – someone has create a piano application in Microsoft Excel! No kidding, the creators must have really gone to some extreme pains to come up with the codes for this. It’s an excel sheet with an image of a grand piano and every key on your keyboard corresponds to a key on the piano. Or you can use your mouse cursor and click on a key of the piano image. Try it out for yourselves & download the file here


Jessica did one too! This I thing! Go check her out now!! Well first read this, then read

I live: in Kacheripaddy— near downtown Kochi

I work: at a BPO as the Training lead

I smell: with my nose

I listen: to music

I hide: my pain a lot of times

I walk: a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known

I write: about anything that interests me

I sing: along to my favourite songs

I can: be extremely lazy at times

I watch: a lot of scifi

I daydream: a lot. Why do you think I call my blog Awake & Dreaming

I want: a giant pizza.

I cry: to get the boo hoos outs.

I read: my fav books more than 3 times.

I love: dogs!

I rode: a bike for over a year without a license.

I sometimes: wonder what my life would be like if a few decisions had been different.

I fear: total failure.

I hope: to die a happy man.

I eat: a lot when I am depressed. Which is most days

I play: very infrequently these days.

I miss: my childhood.

I forgive: YOU for not commenting.

I drive: my self bonkers!

I lost: my virginity to a woman 13 years my senior and who was my teacher.

I dream: a lot and usually have similar themes in my dreams.

I kiss: no one’s ass.
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I hug: my friends.

I have: to pee now.

I remember: my mistakes and I hope to never repeat them.

I don’t: exercise even though I should .

I believe: that there is alien life.

I owe: it to myself to be happy.

I know: that there is no god!

I hate: hypocrites.

I wish: that I could have done some things differently.

I wear: anything that will fit me.

My ex: will always be the greatest regret of my life.

People would say that I’m: fat, lonely & funny.

I don’t understand: why people let religion & politics ruin their lives.

Life is full of: bullshit!

My past is: something I wish I could change

I get annoyed when: I’m taken for granted.
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Parties are: excuses to get drunk!

Tomorrow: is Wednesday!

Never in my life have I: seen a hockey game live, although I love the sport!

When I was younger, I: was an innocent kid.

When I was 5: I was much happier!

My life is not complete without: music & the internet.

If you visit my hometown: look me up. I’ll show you around town.

The world could do without: religion, politicians & rap music.

If I ever go back to school: I might change my career.

Baby I’m Not That Strong

The Tea Party were an underrated band who effectively combined blues rock with progressive rock and mixed it with Indian & Middle Eastern musical influences. Between 1991 & 2005 the three Canadians released 8 albums, including a live recording, and created a solid fan base in Canada & Australia (where they were quite popular).

Their style of music has the unique privilege of being labelled as ‘Moroccan Roll’ and they certainly were quite different from the rest of the bands. Although now effectively split up due to singer / guitarist Jeff Martin chosing to pursue a solo career & then his Ireland based band The Armada in a slightly different musical direction, the band still has it’s fans and bassist Stuart Chatwood & drummer Jeff Burrows are still together as a song writing team called the Art OF Decay. But here’s a live recording of Walking Wounded, one of their most atmospheric songs.

Life Beyond Mother Earth

Do you think the Earth will be able to sustain life for the next 1000 years? Atleast 500? A 100? What will humans do beyond those years?

If you are like me, you’d know that there are several futuristic visions of man colonizing the Moon, Mars and several other moons in our solar system. Terra-forming is going to be the only way that we can colonize and live a happy life on another planet/moon, unless ofcourse it’s already has a human friendly natural enviornment, with plentiful water, vegetation & breathable air.

Someday, decades from now, mankind would have established a colony, permanent or otherwise, elsewhere and we’ll stop depending so much on the Earth; the Earth who we have plundered, looted & raped of her wealth. We’ll be able to visit other planets, find out whether there is life out there, travel between worlds in civil spaceships. I’m just sad that I won’t be alive to witness such an existence.

Would you like to be able to live in that time period? To step foot on another planet? Or are you comfortable here on your couch?

The New Simpsons Opening in HD

Thanks to that big Simpsons nut, Toronto Mike, I’ve just come to know that there’s a new opening for the series. And apparently that this is the first permanent change in the opening since the series began in 1989.

Wow, 1989! I was 13 and we didn’t even get cable tv in India back then. I had no idea who Bart Simpson was until atleast 1992 when I first started watching the show on the Star Tv network. I’ve been a fan ever since but I don’t get to watch it as frequently as I would have liked.

Enjoy the new HD opening folks!

4th Win In A Row For Ottawa

The Ottawa Senators seem to have found their winning & scoring touches under new coach Cory Clouston. For their 4th win in a row Daniel Alfredsson scored a short-handed goal early in the third period and the Senators overcame a three-goal, first-period deficit to win their fourth straight game, 5-3 over the Minnesota Wild on Saturday night. Brian Lee, Antoine Vermette, Chris Phillips and Dany Heatley also scored for the Senators, 4-1-1 since Clouston replaced the fired Craig Hartsburg. Alex Auld got the victory, stopping 17 shots in relief of Brian Elliott. Ottawa forward Shean Donovan played his 900th NHL game. The Sens finished the day at 50 points, 14 points away from the 8th & final Eastern playoff spot.

elizabeth the golden age online rancid dvd Two days earlier , on the 12th, Heatley scored two goals and Elliott made 34 saves to help the Ottawa Senators win their third straight game, 5-2 over the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday night. Jason Spezza, Nick Foligno and  Vermette also scored for Ottawa.

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The night before, Alfredsson had a goal and assist as the Ottawa Senators won consecutive games for only the sixth time this season, beating the Buffalo Sabres 3-1 on Wednesday night. Spezza, with only his second goal in nine games, and Shean Donovan also scored for the Sens, who completed a home-and-home sweep against the Sabres following a 3-2 shootout win at Scotiabank Place on Saturday.

An Early Evening Out With The Guys

How does on recharge from a tiring week at work and all the bull shit that comes along with the territory of working for a corporate? You get by with a little help from your friends.

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Anil had called me a few days back to say that he would be in town once again and that we should get together. Madhu also called me up and said that he would be free on Saturday evening. They wanted to know if I could get off work early, since Madhu wanted to be back home by around 8:30 pm in order to have a quite Valentine’s day dinner with his wife. I said that I would try to get out of the office early but that it was unlikely.

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So, yesterday by around 6:15 pm I was outta my office and boarding a bus to Marine Drive. I was delayed even further when I went to the ATM booth and saw that there was a big line over there. I waited for almost 30 minutes to get to damn machine and get some money out. Then I rushed over to the walkway behind Bay Pride Mall and met up with the dudes.

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We spent a little time chatting and then walked to get some food. Although Madhu wanted to go home and eat, he said that he would join us. So looking around for a nice, quite place to eat some Chinese food, I suggested South Star above Bimbis. I hadn’t been there in ages but I remember the food being quite good. So we went in and order a plate of egg noodles & veg fried rice. We decided to stick to fish and ordered a plate each Szechwan fish & garlic fish. We had a Sprint each (like a poor tasting Sprite) each while we waited for our orders. No alcohol tonight.

And we ended the early evening with ice cream (I had butter scotch) and then shared an auto. I reached home before 9 pm, the earliest I have been back home after an evening out. By 9 pm, I was relaxed and watching Shark and out like a light by 10:30 pm. I must have slept for a good solid 10 hours easy. Nice way to work myself into Sunday. Thanks guys!

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She’s Got A System They Call Apartheid

One of the songs in the movie Pineapple Express was Electric Avenue an early 80s hit for Eddy Grant. This got me thinking about another hit song for the Guyanese born British reggae artist. When I was about 11 or 12 and having just settled in India, the only connection to music hits and videos were the recorded Top Of The Pops

I got introduced to many bands through these tapes, some of whom I am still a fan of. One of the songs that has stuck in my memory (although I haven’t heard anything of Grant in the last 16 years or so) is Gimme Hope Jo’anna, an anti-apartheid reggae number by Eddy Grant. At the time, age 11, I wasn’t aware of what apartheid was. I wasn’t aware of what racism was or where Johannesburg was! But the song is extremely catchy and it’s only years later that I understood the meaning behind the lyrics. Here’s the video for it.

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“Well Joanna she runs a country, she runs in Durban and the Transvaal.

She makes a few of her people happy, she don’t care about the rest at all.

She got a system they call apartheid, it keeps a brother in subjection.

But maybe pressure will make Joanna see, how everybody could live as one.”

13 Year Old Brit Is A Dad!

download bill ted s bogus journey online nightwatching download download the good night online Here’s a Valentine’s Day love story for you all. Alfie Patten became a father on the 9th of this month. His girlfriend Chantelle Steadman gave birth to 7lb 3oz daughter, who they named Maisie Roxanne. So? Nothing special about that. Lots of guys become a parent of kids everyday. Yeah they do – BUT AT THE FUCKING AGE OF 13!!!

That’s right! Alfie is all of 13 years old but he looks so much younger and his girlfriend is 15. The shy lad, whose voice has not yet broken, said: “I thought it would be good to have a baby”. Yeah, and I think it would be good if we could revisit the Spanish Flu!
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The dumb kid thinks that he will be a good father and take care of it. And he also says that he doesn’t get pocket money! What the fuck!

He wanted to be the first to hold Maisie after the hospital birth. He tenderly kisses the baby and gives her a bottle. And Dennis, Alifie’s 45 year old dad, said: “He could have shrugged his shoulders and sat at home on his Playstation. But he has been at the hospital every day.”

What is the world coming to?

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