Cochin City Drenched In Rain Water

vexille dvd watch dead man on campus online Well I am back from work. I left the office at 6:30 pm and took a bus to Kacheripady. On the way I could see the effect that the heavy downpour of rain has had on the city of Cochin. From Edapally till Kacheripady, rain water filled the roads and the gutters of the city was overflowing.

Edapally toll bus stop seemed to have been  drowned in the high level rain water. People waded in calf height water and struggled to get to buses or into buildings. Kalloor was about the same as it has been in years – pathetic road maintanence means that the area will be filled with water no matter how heavy the rain fall is.

My destination was Oberoi bar to have a couple of beers before I head on home. MG Road was not much better off – the road sides were filled with water and it made walking on the road a task much akin to deep sea diving. I laboriously made my way to the bar and enjoyed my drinks in peace, had some fish & veggies and waited for the rain to stop. By 9 pm I was at my pc, cool & mostly dry. Surpsingly for all the rain that has fallen today, I have managed to stay away from getting soaked, even without the use of an umbrella.

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