Vicky Cristina Barcelona

I had no idea what to expect from this movie as I rarely watch Woody Allen films. Nothing against him personally but I just haven’t been too attracted to the kind of movies that he makes. But I really wanted to watch this one and Vicky Cristina Barcelona was an interesting movie to watch.

For one, I don’t know what to think of Javier Bardem but the bugger gets to make out with Penelope Cruz, Rebecca Hall & Scarlett Johansson! Oh to be in his shoes! But I hate this poster – Hall is not shown in it but she is  shining light of  this likeable movie. Rebecca Hall might be the lesser known among the main actors – Cruz, Johansson, Bardem and Patricia Clarkson (who plays Vicky’s aunt) but I thought she was great in the movie. Hall plays a graduate student who has a plan about the way her love & life is supposed to pan out. She is more conservative and less likely to take a chance. Her best friend is Johansson, playing Cristina, a much more liberated soul but one who does not know where she is headed in life.

But Penelope Cruz was magnificent as a mentally unstable woman, who attempted suicide. Quickfire angry Spanish words spew from her mouth in a demented form of lament as she confronts her lover. She & her ex-husband Juan Antonia (Bardem) had earlier up finding the missing ingredient in their love life to be Cristina and they begin a polyamorous relationship. Vicky had a one night with the charming Juan Antonio and has feelings for him while caught in an unsatisfying marriage.

I found the movie dragging in parts but maybe the film wasn’t meant for late night watching. I loved the location shots in Spain, mainly Barcelona & Oviedo. I loved the three oh so sexy women. I loved the sprinklings of flamenco guitar music but found the theme music to be a bit annoying. It wasn’t necessary to have the title song with repetitions of “Barcelona” every 20 seconds. Overall, I liked the movie although I doubt I’d be watching it many more times.

Can I Rewind My Entire Day Today?

I slept quite late last night, after watching a movie at 11:50 pm and then a couple of episodes of Star Trek Voyager. I fell asleep for a bit and when I woke up I saw that the time was 3:15 am. I switched off the monitor and switched off the lights and slept till 10 am this morning. I felt drowsy and my mouth felt quite dry for most of the day.

I went to Barista cafe for some cold frappe and a muffin. No soon had I sat down with my book, when a man came in and ordered an espresso in a rude, obnoxious style and a snap of his fingers. It turns out that he knows the (manager or is it owner) and was showing off a bit. He then proceed to loudly have a conversation on his cell phone, asking some guy to come and see him at the cafe because he was, get this, back in form. “I’m back in form, back in form. You should see me I’m back in form.”

download the sandlot online the darjeeling limited dvd I have no idea what the fucker meant cause he clearly looked like an asshole moron. Was it the qualities of an asshole and a moron that he was back in form in? Cause it certainly looked like it! I glared at him and noticed that t I wasn’t the only one doing so. But ‘back in form’ guy was oblivious to the hostile glaring and gulped two espressos in a row before leaving the cafe.

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After reading for a while, I left the cool comfort of the cafe and headed to Velocity bar and selected a table. I ordered chilli gobi and vodka+sprite. This is the first time that I have not enjoyed drinking in velcoity. 4 guys, around 21-23 were commenting loudly on the ads & Hindi songs shown on a cable channel on the flat screen tv. Posers! Two of the guys are sitting too close to be just friends and as I looked up, they wrapped their arms around each other and it looked too gay for me to even thinking of looking in that direction any longer.

And then…..a family shows up! In the bar! To eat lunch while the rest of us get drunk next to them! It was something I don’t agree with; 2 women, 2 men, 6 kids all chatting and having lunch on my left while I struggled to hear my own thoughts. I wanted to ask the 2 men to take their families to a fucking family restaurant but I was too polite to do so.

And then….some fucker gets too drunk and starts shouting “Da Sameer, da Sameer…..da patti (dog)” in a angry loudy voice. Sameer was, apparently, his companion who had gone to get a smoke or something. I was hoping that Sameer was going to get a shotgun to blow his fucking friend’s head off! I was about this close (keeps index finger & thumb an inch apart) from going over to that idiot and slapping some sense into him!

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I had some chicken & noodles and some more vodka but the food was not good this day. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience at all and I left disappointed and dejected. I came home at around 4 pm and slept for a while, waiting for the Arsenal vs Middlesborough match to start. And to top it off, it’s hot as a furnace this evening. Fuck!

This Is What Scary Is To Me

This swine influenza disease has a lot of people worried. I know it’s been restricted to parts of Mexico but the numbers dying in that country & spread of it is a scary thought. In Mexico, in some cases it causes severe influenza-like illness, followed by pneumonia, which has in some cases resulted in death. Around 81 people are supposed to have died from the disease in the nation and around 1000 infected with the virus.

That’s 1000 cases & 81 deaths in March & April! Reports say that 2008-09 has been a mild year for flu infections compared to the average of 36000 death cases that is seen every year. Most of the deaths have occured in Mexico city while the infected are spread throughout the country. In the South-Westerm United States around 10 cases have been confirmed but no deaths as of yet.

It’s that image that bothers me. The image that I have linked here from Wikipedia. The image of passengers in a commuter train wearing masks. It seems that all around Mexico, army & police are handing out surgical masks to the general public as a safety precaution measure. That’s a scary image.

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