Game 4 : Calgary Flames vs Chicago Blackhawks

It’s still the first round of the playoffs and only two teams have won their first rounds. The remaining 6 positions are still yet to be confirmed. But this could very well be the match of the 2009 Stanley Cup playoffs. Needing a second straight home ice win to level their series at 2 all against the Chicago Blackhawks, Calgary came with all guns blazing. They quickly build up a 4-1 lead with some stellar play.

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But a young & talented Chicago side were not to be outdone and they came back with gusto and tied it at 4 all. But the Flames were determined to win and they scored 2 more goals towards the end of the 3rd period to win the game 6-4 and level the series 2-2. What a game! I was o the edge of my seat as I listened to live commentary this morning (late night in Calgary).

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Hoping For A Week’s Vacation

Last year in May I went on a week’s vacation – well staycation is the actual word – and I thoroughly enjoyed the rest and relaxation. I had a few drinks with my buddies, some good food and slept a lot. My only regret was that I could not go any other city/state and stayed at home in Cochin.

I hope to rectify that this year. I really want a week’s vacation away from the office and away from the apartment. Money may be the only hurdle from me going away. I’m even trying to save a bit so that I won’t feel guilty when I spend a bit on my lodging. I just want an air-conditioned room with an attached clean loo! Plenty of books to read and plenty of cold fruit juices.

If I could take my ipod with me I would. Charging it might be a problem. Also if I had a laptop, instead of my desktop, I could take it with me and with the various options for data cards available, I could still be online. But that is not going to happen. But a vacation – I am due for one. Now if only things go according to plan…..

Busy Days Ahead But Hopefully Not Too Busy

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The next couple of weeks are going to be tough but if things go right I can organize everything and still find time to go on a vacation as I had planned. Let’s see what’s in store for me during the coming weeks:

I have to get my team of trainers into a full day workshop on the 24th of April. This means that we have to change the schedule for the 3 batches that are currently in training at the moment. We will have to give the trainees an off on the 24th and make them work on the 1st of May to compensate.

Then I have two 9 hour workshops on Transaction Analysis to organize on the 28th & 29th of this month. Almost everything is arranged; the external trainers are due here in Cochin on the 27th evening. I just need to make sure that we have a good turnout. I will be attending the session myself.

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A new client created training application software has been launched, unofficially as of today. They hope to roll it out on the 1st of May and henceforth all data regarding training must be entered in this software. A lot of it is time consuming and confusing but we have no choice.

There will be an Employee Retention training program on the 13th & 14th – a two day workshop jointly conducted by the corporate training & HR departments. Not sure if I will be attending that one but again I have to organize the event. And on the 15th of May there will be a presentation on projects done post another workshop (the training was in December). I had done mine last year and got certified, so again, just organizing the event.

And in between & after the normal work continues!! So looking forward to it!

Blogging In The USA

Found a link to an article in the Wall Street Journal that just boggles my blogging mind! It’s about blogging as a profession.

killer klowns from outer space movie download In America today, there are almost as many people making their living as bloggers as there are lawyers. Already more Americans are making their primary income from posting their opinions than Americans working as computer programmers or firefighters. The best studies we can find say we are a nation of over 20 million bloggers, with 1.7 million profiting from the work, and 452,000 of those using blogging as their primary source of income. That’s almost 2 million Americans getting paid by the word, the post, or the click — whether on their site or someone else’s.

tom and jerry a nutcracker tale movie download These facts boggles my mind – do you mean to say that there are more bloggers than ambulance chasers? Will Americans be able to see tv adds for bloggers? Can you look up bloggers in the Yellow Pages much as we do for attorneys? Maybe we can expect a tv series soon on blogging and “the people behind the keyboard typing”! ‘Blogwatch’ instead of Baywatch Boston Blogs instead of Boston Legal rising damp online download eagle vs shark movie download , The Keyboard instead of the Practice. Ally McBlog?

It takes about 100,000 unique visitors a month to generate an income of $75,000 a year. Bloggers can get $75 to $200 for a good post, and some even serve as “spokesbloggers” — paid by advertisers to blog about products. As a job with zero commuting, blogging could be one of the most environmentally friendly jobs around — but it can also be quite profitable. For sites at the top, the returns can be substantial. At some point the value of the Huffington Post will no doubt pass the value of the Washington Post.

The most money (and the only time) I’ve made out of my blog was last year when some guy called Ian dropped me a mail out of the blue and asked me if I would host some links to the pages of his ticketing company’s website on my sidebar. I said yes and a month later I was sent a cheque. That amount, when converted to rupees, was almost the same as my then salary, so it was a really cool moment.

But I never for a moment even dream of being able to make a living through blogging. I don’t have that kind of ability. When I read about a guy who has chucked his day job and is now supporting his wife & new born baby just by blogging, both on his own site and on others, I’m jealous and envious.

Read the entire article over here.

Searching For Something, Dude?

Like 99% of all bloggers, I want more & more readers who will become regular readers & commentors. So far I just have a handful of regular readers (Roshheads as yo u will be called from henceforth) but there seems to be a lot more visitors who come in from searching for something or the other. With the help of Lijit, I’ve tried to find out what has brought people here.

For the past several months, well from July 2007 actually, the article I copy-pasted from somewhere else on the net about Kevin Sullivan being possibly linked to the double murder-suicide deaths of Chris Benoit, his wife & son is the one that brings most first time readers to this blog. It’s also the one with the most comments. The words awake and dreaming or awake and dreaming roshan is the next most common reason for why people end up on this blog. For some reason!

The article on the old BSG vs new BSG has drawn a lot of readers here, including one nut whose vitirol spewing comments & emails I deleted. The very recent post on the Simpsons family postage stamps has drawn in 15 readers through google in the last week. And ofcourse, I can always depend on a couple of searches per week from google on “Anil+Madhu” typed in by none other than my friends Anil & Madhu.

I’m going to be checking the searches more thoroughly from now on and will try to maintain a monthly, if not weekly, tracker on what searches get people to my blog. Cheers, everyone!

Itches On My Back

I’m at home today as I didn’t go to work. I’m not exactly sure what I have but it’s dirty & nasty. It’s either the allergic reaction to some insect bite or maybe to the heat but most of my upper back is covered in boils that I had scratched and is now broken. It looks like I’ve been whipped or been the victim of a knife slashing.

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It’s stings when I sweat and when my back is rubbed against a rougher material. There’s some of it on my right under arm, between the armpit and about half way to my elbow.

It started on the evening of Friday and got worse by Saturday night. I can sleep on my back as long as I don’t sweat. And it itches like crazy at times. It felt good to stand under the shower and let the cool water wash on my back. But it’s getting warmer again in the late afternoon and I hope it starts raining soon. The cool breeze will help a lot.

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Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home

With this I have seen all 10 of the released Star Trek movies (and eagerly waiting for movie # 11). Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home is the most light hearted of the movies so far and it’s also the one where they’ve spent most time on Earth.

OK, so this is the 3rd and final installment of the trilogy of movies starting with Star Trek II : The Wrath Of Khan & begins 3 months after the events of Star Trek III : The Search For Spock. An unknown alien vessel, cylindrical in shape is headed towards earth, sending out an indecipherable signal and disabling the power of any vessel or station that it passes.The oceans begin to evaporate, causing severe weather conditions on earth. Meanwhile, exiled on Vulcan, our beloved crew decide to return to earth in the captured Klingon bird of prey and face punishment for stealing & then destroying the Enterprise.

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The crew learn about the alien vessel; Spock is able to determine that it matches the song of humpback whales, long since extinct on Earth, and that the object will continue to wreak havoc on the planet until it can be answered. The crew devise a plan to slingshot around the Sun to time travel back to the late 20th century and return with a whale. They arrive in 1986 era San Francisco and split up for the following – to find a whale, find a device to hold the whale and and Uhura and Chekov to search for a nuclear power source to repair the dilithium crystals.

There’s some fun as Spock jumps in the water to communicate with the whales, George & Gracie, and stuns the aquarium scientist by revealing the fact that Gracie is pregnant. McCoy & Scotty arrange for a large plexiglass tank to be built, which Sulu hauls in through a helicopter. But the scientist, Dr. Taylor, learns about the crew from the future and agrees to help out but she insists on coming along in the spaceship. Chekov is injured & captured on a navy ship while trying to power the crystals using the nuclear device on it.  Dr. Taylor helps Kirk & McCoy get him out of the hospital.

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Finally the crew with Dr. Taylor along for the ride go back to the 23rd century and release the whales in the San Fran bay. The whales answer the alien vessel’s signal and as a result, the vessel returns back to deep space while all power is restored on Earth. The crew are hailed as heroes but stand trial for disobeying orders. Kirk is demoted to the rank of a captain and given a new ship to command – the newly-christened USS Enterprise-NCC-1701-A, and depart on another mission with his crew.

Injaz (Achievement) Of Cloning Camels

once upon a time in china ii movie tom and jerry a nutcracker tale online we own the night online download After an uncomplicated 378 days of gestation, the world’s first clones camel was produced in the desert emirate of Dubai. The UAE’s Camel Reproduction Center, says the cloned camel (born on April 8th) is a one-humped female called Achievement or Injaz in Arabic.

The center said she was created from cells harvested from an ovary of an adult female camel. Camels are a valuable commodity in the desert sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf. They are used for racing and transport. They are famous for healthy low-fat milk and can fetch owners millions of dollars at camel beauty contests. That’s little  Injaz in the picture.

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Good Morning To You

This morning is a little better than the heat of last night. So what do I have store for me on this lazy Sunday? Well, the folks are going out – it’s my mom’s youngest sister’s housewarming. Actually, it’s an apartment, a flat. Do you still call it a housewarming or a flatwarming/apartmentwarming? Anyway, my mom is actually there right now and my dad will be leaving in an hour.

rising damp online download legionnaire online download timecop movie I’ve still got to get some breakfast. After that it’s a cup of coffee and movie watching. I’ve been downloading Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home on torrentz and it’s almost done. I’ve also got some dvds – Paschendale once upon a time in china ii download download living dying movie , Yes Man, etc. No idea which one to start on first. Anyways, I’m hungry so gotta go to the kitchen and get something to eat.

Rant For The Evening

Some insects kept biting me in the bus, they must have been all over the seats and now my back is payed with marks. It itches and stings when I sweat.

Work is getting very irritating and boring and there is no satisfaction in slogging for less pay than what I should be getting and have been promised it 3 times now. Fuck the recession!

too late the hero movie I need to walk more. I need to wake up earlier and go to work earlier so that I can come back home earlier.

And I really need a week’s break from work and the office. I don’t want to hear about work or speak to a colleague (other than my team) and I don’t want to see a single excel sheet.

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My Life In Song Meme

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST answer these questions.

This was fun, so please do participate if it looks like a decent waste of time, and let me know when you have posted yours please, so I can go and read it!!!!

BNLPick Your Artist: Barenaked Ladies watch gone baby gone online

Are you male or female: What A Good Boy

Describe yourself: The Wrong Man Was Convicted

How do you feel about yourself: Falling For The First Time

Describe where you currently live: The Old Apartment

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If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Peterborough & The Kwarthas

Your best friend is: Jane

Your favorite color is: Maroon

You know that: It’s All Been Done

What’s the weather like?: Hidden Sun

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?: If I Had $1000000

What is life to you?: The Humour Of The Situation

What is the best advice you have to give?: Why Say Anything Nice

If you could change your name, what would it be?: Great Provider

Your favorite food is: These Apples

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BarCamp Kerala 5 Gathering Momentum

Around the 23rd of March I had posted about BarCamp Kerala 5, which is to be held in TechnoPark, Trivandrum. I had entered myself as an attendee and really wanted to go for the event. At that date it was just 14 people who had registered as attendees.

download rush hour 3 online Today when I checked out the site, it has spruced up quite a bit. They have added lots of banners & badges (you would notice that I’m doing my little bit to support the event too) and they now have  79 registered to attend the event – although I think the numbers should actually be only 40 genuine ones! Still that is a big improvement. And they also have a Twitter account! ice princess online

download to hell and back dvd Nine sessions have been announced as of now. I might not get the too techy stuff but I still wanna go. I’m gonna do my best to be there and attend the function. I’m trying to schedule my leaves from work to go to Trivandrum on the 2nd of May.

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An Unpredicted Use For My Blog

I’ve discovered a use for my blog which I hadn’t predicted earlier. And that too it was work related.

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download undercover brother movie I was working on my leave planner this afternoon as I want to take a few days off for a smal vacation in May. My leave status was not updated since the first week of March but I knew that I had taken only 2 leaves since that date – one in March & one in April. I had forgotten the date of my March leave, a sick leave, and I needed to update it quickly.

nightmare city 2035 download I then remembered that I had watched a movie, Underworld : Rise Of The Lycans, on the same day of that leave. And I had posted a review of the movie the same day. So I just looked it up and got the day of my leave – 16th March!

Good work, bloggie!

Unity – Anthony Gomes

Unity - Anthony GomesBlues is a way of life. It’s in your blood and the air you breathe. African-American slaves in the cotton fields of the American South maybe have sole claims over the creation of the musical genre we all have come to know & love, but EVERYONE’S GOT THE BLUES!

Perfect example is the case of one of the most popular blues-rock musicians around these days. Anthony Gomes is a Portuguese-Canadian from Toronto but he’s considered to be one of the leading lights of the genre. Released on August 27, 2002, Unity – his 3rd album overall, brought him a lot of critical acclaim & credits.

The funky rocking blues of When the Walls Come Down gets things started, although it’s a touch of sadness, felt after September 11th, 2001. The cd then segues into the utterly danceable Upside (To The Downside), which says that there’s a silver lining to every dark cloud. That even in the darkest times, there’s something good to come out of it. The emotional ballad Darkest Before The Dawn, a lament about a lost lover and the feeling of loneliness. This song is very popular as a singalong with his audiences. The funkiness returns in the form of Do Watchaya Want. The horn section emphasizes the danceable factor of this song.

A poignant & though provoking song, the acoustic If You Could Rule The World puts the question to the listener – would you & how would you change the situation if you had the chance? Blindog, yes it’s one word and not a typo on my side, is about asking someone to let go of dreams of granduer and take a chance on a poor boy. Going Down Slow is a piano driven slow gospel blues number, complete with a choir backing him. The song is about asking for salvation & help.

Unity starts off as acoustic (acoustiphonic lo-fi) before going into a full blown upbeat rhythmn & blues track, with backup singer & horn sections. It’s a song about universal brotherhood and harmony. Back to the down & dirty blues in Trash Talkin’ Jive, as Gomes says to a cheating woman to stop lying and come clean. Gomes then takes the popular term ‘lonely at the top’ and turns it around to claim that it’s Lonely At The Bottom too! It’s as if saying to the guy on top, “hey atleast you have your success”.

Gomes closes the album with a stylistic nod back to his second album, the acoustic Sweet Stringin’ Soul, cooling off with the country-blues of “Bad For You.

An accomplished & polished effort that will keep you company during the high times as well as the low. Worth ever cent you can spend on it. Here’s a live recording of Darkest Before The Down – it’s a poor quality camera maybe but the song will still shine.