Notice The Newspaper

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Groggy after a late night movie watching spree and waking up late, I brushed my teeth, drank coffee quickly (gotta get that juice into my system) and then took the day’s newspaper into the loo (yes I read in there, damnit and so do you. Only you won’t admit it).

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Nothing strange there so far, other than the fact that I usually do not read the paper much. Anyways, as I was saying, I was reading the paper, starting from the sports section as I always do. It took me 3 pages in to realize that they had delivered the wrong paper to my apartment – we subscribe to the Indian Express and not the Hindu!

Later I was thinking, do newspaper matter that much anymore, as a lot of you bloggers have to say? Well, in a developing country like India yes it does. But maybe it doesn’t matter which paper it is.

Yes Man

The power of suggestion! The power of a single 3 letter word. The film, Yes Man 4 50 from paddington download , is based on the true story and 2005 book Yes Man by British humourist Danny Wallace (who has a brief cameo in the film). Directed by Peyton Reed the movie stars Jim Carey and it’s funny without going over the top so I think even people who don’t Jim will like the movie. I found it hilarious in places (I actually rolled off and fell off the sofa laughing) and will mark it as one of his best.

As you probably will know, even if you haven’t seen the movie as of yet, Jim Carey plays Carl Allen who is depressed after getting a divorce from his wife Stephanie (played by Molly Sims – who wouldn’t be depressed getting divorced from that sexy babe) and spends his free time alone watching dvds and avoiding his friends. soma mandal md

He goes to a seminar on the urging of a friend and agrees to say ‘Yes’ to every oppurtunity that comes his way. After giving a lift to a homeless guy, he meets Allison (the cute Zoey Deschanel) and rides with her on her scooter. Things change for him – Carl adopts a positive mentality and seizes every opportunity that comes his way. He takes flying lessons, attends Korean language classes, learns to play the guitar, and even joins a Persian dating website. Saying “yes” constantly works to Carl’s advantage. He even saves a potential suicide victim by singing a rock song!

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saving sarah cain online download Carl gets ahead in his job as he has inadvertently opened the bank to the world of microcredit. But on a trip to Nebraska he hesitated to move in with Allison – and things go bad for him a bit. He is suspected of being a terrorist and Allison is mad at him when she learns about the ‘yes’ thing. She thinks that the only reason he said yes to moving in with her is because he had to. Carl has an accident after saying ‘no’ to his ex-wife’s sexual approaches and thinks that saying no brings him bad luck. However the seminar speaker tells him that it’s all just in his head.

Carl understands and goes to win back Allison. The movie has enough laughs to make you pee in your pants and make you want to watch it a few more times. Not his best but good enough. Yes, man!

I’m A Dog Person

I like cats, wouldn’t mind having one or two with me but if given a choice it would be dogs all the way!

I just love the way a dog loves you unconditionally and in turn it makes you love him or her unconditionally. Having had a dog for 11 years and then taking care of my sister’s dog for a year, I think it has made me appreciate even more the nature of these noble animals.

As a child I always though that Alsatians were the only kind of dogs to have. That’s because they were the only dogs I had known off. Then I got to know more about dogs from my school friends – a few of them had pomeranians, dalmatians, labradors, dobermans, boxers, pugs…the list goes on.

I’m particularly fond of golden retrievers and both black & yellow labs. These are the best kind to have. I also like the beautiful Bernese Mountain dogs.

I’m a dog person without a dog. When I get a house, I will also get another dog.