Cut Off From The World

My internet connection was down all day yesterday. I think it went out at around 9 am in the morning, while I was getting ready to go to work. I thought at that time “Great!” but couldn’t wait and call the ISP up and register a complaint as I wanted to leave.

I got home by 8:30 pm and 20 minutes later checked to see if the connection was up – it wasn’t. I called up the ISP’s customer care number, waited for 10 minutes (or was it more) to get connected and then had this tech guy guide through a lot of steps & checking which led him to understand what I had already know. He had to raise a complaint! There wasn’t any problem with their local server in Cochin (thank the stars, it’s usually down atleast once a week) and so it might be only for a certain area.

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Well, it’s now back on, from about30 minutes back and I can’t finally check my email. download the order movie