Arsenal 0 Manchester United 0

On a night that Manchester United needed just one point to clinch the league title, Arsenal showed up and made the reds fight for that point. Arsenal should have been dejected and folded against a very strong Man U who were almost celebrating the league title before the match even began.

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There were plenty of chances at both ends but the finishing left a lot to be desired. After losing to Manchester United twice in the Champions League, the Gunners will take some satisfaction in not laying down and letting United run rampant. They were made to fight for the single point that ensured that United cannot be caught by Liverpool in the league standings and although they would have liked to win the game and then take the title, Arsenal had other plans.

the beverly hillbillies online But this game reminds us of who much we need to improve if we are to get back to the glory days and win some silverware. Arsenal create well, weave in & out of the midfield area and a treat to watch. But they have been failing where in matters the most – in the opponents penalty area! We need to score more goals. Arsene Wenger musy now go out and buy. Sell a few fringe players and buy name players. It’s the only way.

Case of The Incorrect DNS Server Settings

Well I guess the problem has been sorted. Turns out when there was a problem with the cable in my area, the technical helpdesk guy who attended my call asked me to change my DNS server settings. When it didn’t work, he guided me to change it back to the original settings but one digit was incorrect in what he told me.

So when everyone else was getting connected to the net in my area, I was twiddling my thumbs and getting frustrated. Today morning, as I was taking a shower, a techincian came to my apartment and got it fixed. He informed me about the incorrect DNS settings and I told him what had happened.

Whatever, I missed the net during these 3 days. So glad to have it back in my life.

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I Like To Relax By

Singing along to my fav rock songs playing on full blast. Playing air guitar and headbanging to the riffs. And giving a big double middle finger salute saying FUCK YOU to upper management, politicians, religious fuckingfundamentalists and all the bullshit in the world!

I can also just read a good book while playing some jazz or flamenco music or watching my fav movies & tv series on dvds. A glass of vodka splashed with spirte and lots of ice and some snacks would go down really well and help me relax.

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