The Hamilton Coyotes? We’ll Soon Know

A judge in an Arizona bankruptcy court will decide later today whether the Phoenix Coyotes will be allowed to be sold to RIM co-CEO Jim Balsille and moved to Southern Ontario.

The NHL franchise is at a bad loss and the market in Arizona is not profitable enough to sustain an NHL level team. The current owner is keen to sell off the franchise to Balsille for a cost of $212 and have the team moved to a more encouraging market. Even with the NHL against Balsille, it looks like the odds may finally be in his favour. He has had two unsuccessful attempts at purchasing an NHL team – the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Nashville Predators.

I hope the dude gets his wish and gets to buy the team. But, as much as I like the idea of Hamilton, Ontario having the pride & prestige of gaining an NHL franchise, I’m a firm believer that the Coyotes belong in their original home – Winnipeg as the Jets. The Jets were sold to American buyers and moved to Phoenix back in 1995.