Out On The Plains We Gave Him Hell

From Iron Maiden’s new dvd Flight 666 here’s the live performance of Run To The Hills. For the unaware, this song is about the plight of the Native Americans who were massacred by the Europeans who came to initially settle the new world.

Strangely enough this is sung by white men about the crimes of white men. And even though it is about the Native Americans or Red Indians, it could so easily have been about us brown Indians and the British rule of India!

The Presidential Customer

While I was chatting with Saskboy this morning about names, I was telling him about the odd names that I have been noticing in recent years. I remembered something about a customer whose call I attended to when I worked as a customer service rep in Idea Mobile’s call center.

Well this one customer, from a village near the city of Kollam (Kerala) happened to call the customer care center via a franchise of Idea’s. So I first spoke to the franchise staff and then to the customer. I heard the staff member snickering a bit as he told me to enter the customer’s number in our software in order to check the account status. I would understand why the staff member was tickled once I saw the customer’s name.

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Ronald Regan!

I had to control my laughter while I spoke to the customer and clarified his doubts on his last two bills. Then he asked why the both of us found it hilarious – and I mentioned that he had a famous name. No response from him! The dude was oblivious to the fact that he was named after a famous & dead American President – Ronald Reagan.

When I asked him about his name, he said that his father had named him after reading about the ‘name’ somewhere! He just knew that it was someone famous! I was laughing my ass off but muting the phone at the same time. Apparently, this guy’s father was a semi-literate farmer and had liked the name so he had named his son after the former President in the early 80s. So this guy was walking around with a name like that in his village and no one had told him about the connection.

I sent the dude’s number to all my colleagues and my supervisor and we all had a wonderful laugh throughout the day.