Bought A Lemon!


I had purchased an external DVD writer/player earlier this month, while I was on my leave/vacation. The one I bought was a Enter hi-speed USB 2.0 DVD write. It is a dud.

I hadn’t heard of this company before and should not have gone for it but was enticed by the price tag, which at Rs.3.2 k was the lowest I could find in that store. Hind-sight being 20/20, I should have opted for another one from a company I was certain about, like Samsung.

The Enter DVD writer keeps getting stuck while playing DVDs and it will not allow you to burn a DVD properly. I have tried buring 6 dvds and they all fell flat.. Furthermore, whne you plan a dvd it gets stuck in between! And you cannot copy files from a dvd into your computer – it gets stuck!

I called the store back on Monday and told them that I would be back in a couple of days since I wanted either a refund of a replacement. They have agreed over the phone but I plan on getting a better make or model even if I have to spend a 1000 bucksmore. This is ridiculous.

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Goodbye Newcastle & Middlesborough

So Newcastle United & Middlesborough both get relegated. It was a sad Sunday for the English game. Newcastle is steeped in tradition and memorable moments. Just a few years ago Allan Shearer and his boys were competing in the Champions League. Now they will face the lower rung teams (I’m not putting them down but United are in different league). And the sad part will be that they will be forced to sell off their best players due to the reduce in revenue.

Same goes for Middlesborough; although their club might not be as storied as Newcastles. I have seen some exciting Boro matches but the majority have been of a duller & slower paced nature. Nevertheless, I will miss them too. I hope the return back for both teams will be in a year’s time.