The Day The Earth Stood Still

I was looking forward to watching this movie with bated anticipation. However I was let down immensely. The excitement factor of the Scifi story, updated to include the latest special effects and with a poignant message was appealing. But it failed to deliver, as the movie seemed rushed and made just to have a blockbuster release rather than a real purpose.

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All is not bad – the film updates the Cold War theme of nuclear warfare to the contemporary issue of humankind’s environmental damage to the planet. Klaatu is the alien who was sent to make us change our ways. Failing that, he was to terminate our species so the rest of Earth’s creatures have a chance to do better.

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The rest – the alien understands that humans are bound to do destructive things and hence he plans to destroys humans. So he boards many animals and birds into previously placed spheres and has them taken away from the planet. However in the end, the love that Dr. Benson (Jennifer Connelly) has for her step-son (Jaden Smith) convinces Klaatu (Keanu Reeves) that humans can change their ways and are worth saving. So he sacrifices himself to save humans.

And like some post-apocalyptical movies, this sacrifice comes at the price of all of Earth’s technology becoming useless and immobile. I liked some parts of the movie but overall it was a dissappointment.

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Cochin Tweetup @ Barista Cafe

I think I’m finally going to make it this time. Meeting up with fellow Cochin bloggers & Twitter users (Tweeple – is that a word? It is now!)

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I missed the last few outings and thought that I should be able to make it this time. The #Cochin #Tweetup is scheduled for 6 pm @ Barista Cafe in Bay Pride Mall on Marine Drive all apologies rape me mp3 download . I might be able to make it only by 6:30 pm but I will make it.

If you are a Twitter user in Cochin or you happen to be in the area, drop in at that time and say hi! Have a cappuchino or a latte and chat with us.

Out On The Plains We Gave Him Hell

From Iron Maiden’s new dvd Flight 666 here’s the live performance of Run To The Hills. For the unaware, this song is about the plight of the Native Americans who were massacred by the Europeans who came to initially settle the new world.

Strangely enough this is sung by white men about the crimes of white men. And even though it is about the Native Americans or Red Indians, it could so easily have been about us brown Indians and the British rule of India!

The Presidential Customer

While I was chatting with Saskboy this morning about names, I was telling him about the odd names that I have been noticing in recent years. I remembered something about a customer whose call I attended to when I worked as a customer service rep in Idea Mobile’s call center.

Well this one customer, from a village near the city of Kollam (Kerala) happened to call the customer care center via a franchise of Idea’s. So I first spoke to the franchise staff and then to the customer. I heard the staff member snickering a bit as he told me to enter the customer’s number in our software in order to check the account status. I would understand why the staff member was tickled once I saw the customer’s name.

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Ronald Regan!

I had to control my laughter while I spoke to the customer and clarified his doubts on his last two bills. Then he asked why the both of us found it hilarious – and I mentioned that he had a famous name. No response from him! The dude was oblivious to the fact that he was named after a famous & dead American President – Ronald Reagan.

When I asked him about his name, he said that his father had named him after reading about the ‘name’ somewhere! He just knew that it was someone famous! I was laughing my ass off but muting the phone at the same time. Apparently, this guy’s father was a semi-literate farmer and had liked the name so he had named his son after the former President in the early 80s. So this guy was walking around with a name like that in his village and no one had told him about the connection.

I sent the dude’s number to all my colleagues and my supervisor and we all had a wonderful laugh throughout the day.

The Hamilton Coyotes? We’ll Soon Know

A judge in an Arizona bankruptcy court will decide later today whether the Phoenix Coyotes will be allowed to be sold to RIM co-CEO Jim Balsille and moved to Southern Ontario.

The NHL franchise is at a bad loss and the market in Arizona is not profitable enough to sustain an NHL level team. The current owner is keen to sell off the franchise to Balsille for a cost of $212 and have the team moved to a more encouraging market. Even with the NHL against Balsille, it looks like the odds may finally be in his favour. He has had two unsuccessful attempts at purchasing an NHL team – the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Nashville Predators.

I hope the dude gets his wish and gets to buy the team. But, as much as I like the idea of Hamilton, Ontario having the pride & prestige of gaining an NHL franchise, I’m a firm believer that the Coyotes belong in their original home – Winnipeg as the Jets. The Jets were sold to American buyers and moved to Phoenix back in 1995.

Mediterranea – Johannes Linstead

Billboard’s New Age Music/World Music chart topping artist Johannes Linstead is a flamenco guitarist & instrumentalist who fuses virtuoso Spanish-style guitar with Afro-Cuban, Middle Eastern, and Latin American percussion and instrumentation. On his 5th cd Mediterranea Johannes plays Spanish Guitar, Bouzouki, Piano, Keyboards, Palmas & does Perussive Effects along with Production, Engineering, Arrangement, Graphic Design. The album also features musicians from countries as diverse as Greece, Syria, India, the Ukraine and others.

The cd starts off with the open & breezy Andalucia, a homage to the Mecca of flamenco music in Spain. You can almost smell the payeya & jamons cooking and taste the wines of the region as you sway to this song. Gentle guitars bring in the next track called Evening Embrace. Play this song while sitting on your balcony or terrace in the evening as the sun sets and there’s a cool breeze blowing at you. Much faster is the feiry Sangre Del Toro – towards the end it’s a jaw dropping duet of fast paced flamenco guitar by Linstead vs gypsy style violin by Vasyl Popadiouk!

The best song is the Greek sounding Ambrosia which is the highlight of the album and probably his best song ever. Then let Adelita lift your spirits as that joyous guitar playing dances in your ears and onto your heart. Tabu (not in reference to Bollywood actress Tabu – but wouldn’t you want to name a song after her?) is another playful & lovely tune that has me thinking of sand, cool sea water & sangrias on the beach. Hour Of The Lamps is a mix of Indian & Arabic sounding music, with the tabla for accompaniment. A standout track, it should be a live classic.

Motika is another dance number, full of life and helped along by a strong bass guitar rythmn. Close your eyes and experience the passion and mystique of faraway lands in songs like Journey To Alcazaba – a seven-minute masterpiece destined to become a classic among guitar aficionados. Johannes reveals his tender side in the romantic Estrellas Sobre Ella where guitars and violin swirl in melodic melancholy accented by beautiful vocalizations. Superb album by a superb musician.

Star Trek Inspires Real Life

In accordance with the center wanting to go in a new direction and work as a team (where have I heard that before)  to go to next level and excel in all our goals, it was suggested that leadership bond as one and even asked for suggestions for a team or group name.

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Initially I hadn’t properly read the mail, as it also had a rather lame & old joke attached to it, and like the rest of the group had completely ignored the mail. A desperate plea to read the mail and participate followed on Saturday and I though “oh well, what’s the harm in replying!”

After much though I finally settled on a suggestion for a name to be bestowed onto the group as an entity. Dauntless! Team Dauntless to be precise. I had remembered the name as being that of the USS Dauntless, a fake ship that an alien created to try and trick the crew of the USS Voyager.

I’ll know in a day or two if the name is going to be selected but it looks like it was the only suggestion and so is sure to win. Once again, Star Trek inspires real life manhattan breast augmentation

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An Artist Inspired Dream For A Laptop

As my work profile & grade changed, it should bring about a well earned (trust me) & eagerly awaited (trust me again) increase in my pay check. I am not sure about the final amount but I was told to expect atleast 10k more than what I am currently earning.

If that is true, I should also get arrears for last month (my promotion is effective from April 1st although I was informed only on May 12th) and that should bring me a nice tidy little sum of cash. What will I do with it?

My notebook dreams may finally come true. But which one to purchase? I really like this one here – The HP Pavilion dv2800t Artist Edition series. It’s got buy effexors

  • Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7500 (2.2GHz, 4MB L2 Cache, 667MHz FSB)
  • 14.1″ WXGA High-Definition HP BrightView Widescreen Display (1280 x 800)
  • 2GB DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm)
  • NVIDIA 128MB 8400M GS Video Card
  • HP Imprint (Artist Edition) Finish + Webcam + Microphone
  • Integrated Altec Lansing stereo speakers
  • Intel PRO/Wireless 4965AGN Network Connection and Bluetooth
  • 250GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • Weight: 5lb 7.4oz
  • 65W AC adapter

Cool design eh? But no, it’s really out of my budget! Still, a boy can dream, can’t he?

Quatum Of Solace

Released 2 years after Casino Royale , Quantum Of Solace is a direct sequel of the former. The film also continues directly from where Casino Royale left off. This is Daniel Craig’s second innings as the legendary James Bond and his performance has won him lots of critical & popular acclaim.

bubba ho tep movie download However, I liked the previous movie a whole lot better. Craig’s performance non-withstanding, the movie isn’t as strong as it’s predecessor and I felt it lacked any real excitement.  Olga Kurylenko is a convincing Bolivian (although the actress is Russian) but she is probably the first Bond girl that I felt hasn’t lit up the screen with her sexuality. I dunno, maybe it’s only in this movie that she hasn’t looked at her best.

At times Dame Judy Dench’s, as M, approach towards Bond is almost motherly. Atleast I felt so and I wonder if this was intentional. But I loved the fact that the tough as nails lady seems a bit shaken up as her trusted bodyguard turns out to be a betrayer. She soon shakes it off and returns back to her steel nerves.

Mathieu Amalric as Dominic Greene is not the most memorable Bond villain that has been created but he probably is the most human. And his death is certainly memorable – after interrogating him, Bond leaves Greene stranded in the middle of the desert with only a can of motor oil. At the film’s conclusion, M informs Bond that Greene was found in the middle of the Bolivian desert with two bullets in the back of his head (presumably executed by Quantum), and motor oil in his stomach. walk all over me dvd

Arsenal 0 Manchester United 0

On a night that Manchester United needed just one point to clinch the league title, Arsenal showed up and made the reds fight for that point. Arsenal should have been dejected and folded against a very strong Man U who were almost celebrating the league title before the match even began.

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There were plenty of chances at both ends but the finishing left a lot to be desired. After losing to Manchester United twice in the Champions League, the Gunners will take some satisfaction in not laying down and letting United run rampant. They were made to fight for the single point that ensured that United cannot be caught by Liverpool in the league standings and although they would have liked to win the game and then take the title, Arsenal had other plans.

the beverly hillbillies online But this game reminds us of who much we need to improve if we are to get back to the glory days and win some silverware. Arsenal create well, weave in & out of the midfield area and a treat to watch. But they have been failing where in matters the most – in the opponents penalty area! We need to score more goals. Arsene Wenger musy now go out and buy. Sell a few fringe players and buy name players. It’s the only way.

Case of The Incorrect DNS Server Settings

Well I guess the problem has been sorted. Turns out when there was a problem with the cable in my area, the technical helpdesk guy who attended my call asked me to change my DNS server settings. When it didn’t work, he guided me to change it back to the original settings but one digit was incorrect in what he told me.

So when everyone else was getting connected to the net in my area, I was twiddling my thumbs and getting frustrated. Today morning, as I was taking a shower, a techincian came to my apartment and got it fixed. He informed me about the incorrect DNS settings and I told him what had happened.

Whatever, I missed the net during these 3 days. So glad to have it back in my life.

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I Like To Relax By

Singing along to my fav rock songs playing on full blast. Playing air guitar and headbanging to the riffs. And giving a big double middle finger salute saying FUCK YOU to upper management, politicians, religious fuckingfundamentalists and all the bullshit in the world!

I can also just read a good book while playing some jazz or flamenco music or watching my fav movies & tv series on dvds. A glass of vodka splashed with spirte and lots of ice and some snacks would go down really well and help me relax.

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Still Not Getting Any….

I’m blogging this post from the office as my net connection is down….again! Just after my previous post on being disconnected from the net and getting it back, it went down again. Infact I’ve only got connectivity @ home for an hour during the last 2 days. I am getting a little sick of this. I am not sure as to when it will be up again but the tech guys are coming to my apartment tomorrow morning.


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Cut Off From The World

My internet connection was down all day yesterday. I think it went out at around 9 am in the morning, while I was getting ready to go to work. I thought at that time “Great!” but couldn’t wait and call the ISP up and register a complaint as I wanted to leave.

I got home by 8:30 pm and 20 minutes later checked to see if the connection was up – it wasn’t. I called up the ISP’s customer care number, waited for 10 minutes (or was it more) to get connected and then had this tech guy guide through a lot of steps & checking which led him to understand what I had already know. He had to raise a complaint! There wasn’t any problem with their local server in Cochin (thank the stars, it’s usually down atleast once a week) and so it might be only for a certain area.

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Well, it’s now back on, from about30 minutes back and I can’t finally check my email. download the order movie