Indestructible – Disturbed

It’s a humdinger of a follow up to the highly successful 10000 Fists Indestructible takes the same formula that worked so well in Ten Thousand Fists download the reign of terror aka black book movie and goes from there, in a direction that should please new and old Disturbed fans.

Indestructible starts off with the sound of an ominous curfew siren & machine guns blasts in the background, as the title tracks rifles out to the listener. It’s a song about soldier and making them feel strong and invincible. Inside The Fire starts off with some techno beats and then the punch of the guitar riff will rip off your face. This, their first single, song about bad relationships was nominated for a Grammy.

Deceiver follows the same lyrical content as the previous track. It starts out sounding almost black metal before going back to the groove that Disturbed are famous for. Lyrics like “You’ve made a habit out of fucking up my life” are rife with anger & venom. The Night is about the night as a living entity and has a catchy chorus. Perfect Insanity is a song that the band had created much earlier in their career but had never found it’s way to the listening public. Until now! Haunted is about being troubled by something someone has said/done to you that deeply affects you.

The drum beats rein in the next song, Enough, is about the breaking point of pain. The Curse sounds like it could easily have been a Korn song! I really like the lead guitar breaks in this song. Torn, Criminal, Divide

& Facade continue in the same vein. Not stand out tracks but you can rock out to them while banging your head to the tunes!

Rocking In The Monsoon Month Of June

In a surprisingly lucky break, the few rockers in the office will get a chance to get our rocks off on the 30th of this month. Turns out that one of the new joinees to the entry level call center associate post has connection with a newish local 4 piece rock band! And he can get them to play for our quarterly Rewards & Recognition function to be held on the 30th!

Seems that recently we’ve had a few rockers joining us in the entry level stage and they would also love to head bang for a couple of hours. This is a welcome relief from the deluge of lame ass Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam songs, some dance routine and sickly skits that are usually seen at these events. And don’t get me started on the saddest of fashion shows followed by a dumb DJ!

But getting a rock band is the highlight for people like me. Long time readers will remember that I sang 3 songs as part of a hastily created office rock band way back in November of 2007. That was fun. I hope this one will be so too. The band will play for free as they need exposure and the experience and we only have to foot the cost of getting their drum set from their garage to the venue. 30th June, head banging! That would be cool B)