Took The Team Out For Lunch Today

hatchet online As part of the need for my team to get recharged and de-stress, I took them out for a good lunch today afternoon. Bill payed courtesy of the company’s training department budget. It was a wise decision.

It took us a while to get going; it was almost 2 pm when we left from the office and went on to Hotel Sea Park (about 2 kms away). Two of my team members were missing due to high fever. But I decided that the rest should still go out. So we ordered soup and went over the menu as we loudly decided what to have.

This is the fun part that I love to see – all this excitement in the eyes of my team over choosing dishes to eat. Rashba & Ajeeba – as usual – disected the prawns section but to their dismay the hotel were out of prawns. No problem as chicken 65 & some mutton did the job just as well. Three huge karimeen fish fry were ordered. And, oh yeah, beef! Can’t be a lunch party in Kerala if there’s no beef. Plates of fried rice floated on the while table like ice on water. I had a hyderabadi biriyani and fish.

Once the food came, the yakking stopped and all you could hear were the chomping down of food. Jins had a chicken biriyani & fish & mutton. Neil had rice, fish, beef & mutton. Nazer had fried rice, mutton & beef. And this is the most satisfying part – I just love to watch my team eat. It gives me immense pleasure to see food, and good food at that, being served to and eaten by my boys & girls. It fills me with happiness, because I am big brother & daddy rolled into one for them. They are family.

Well, the food was good except for the fish which I think was a little overdone. It ended up being a bit too crispy. But everyone loved their food. We then ordered ice cream and the 5 of them also had mango juices. Where does it all go? You should see 3 of my people; they are too thin!

Bellies full, we went back to the office to wind up the day’s work. I went back to my system, content that I was able to give them some respite from all that stress. Part one is done, mission accomplished! Now to think of some R&R stuff.

Pittsburgh Wins The 2009 Stanley Cup

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Sid the Kid hoisted the cup high above his shoulders after being handed the Stanley cup by the commissoner of the NHL. As captain, Sidney Crosby had the honour to be first to celebrate with the storied trophy. Max Talbot scored two goals and Marc-Andre Fleury made huge saves during a desperate third-period Detroit barrage as the Penguins defeated the Red Wings 2-1 in a gripping Game 7 to win the Cup on Friday night.