The Down & Dirty Headcold Kinda Blues

Ahhggrrr! I got the down & dirty really bad headcold blues! Yesterday, I had a slight cough and my throat was a bit rough, making it difficult to swallow. I went to work and the cold air-conditioned office confines did not help me much. I was in the even colder board room for our weekly HOD meet for 2 hours after which I knew that I was headed towards Illness town with a stop over at Coughsburg.

I couldn’t eat lunch but gulped down 4 hot coffees trying to sooth my throat. Pretty soon I couldn’t do much else other than slump in my seat while trying to finish off pending work. It became really bad as everyone who saw me kept asking the same thing “what the hell happened to you?” followed by a “go home”. I sneezed and cough and bared it till 5 :45 pm when I knew that I couldn’t continue further and I asked for a cab to drop me home. It would be 6:30 pm however when I left the office.

In 25 minutes I reached the shop near my house, where I wanted to buy some shampoo & some buns since I was hungry. No I wasn’t going to mix the shampoo with the buns! I wanted to buy a couple of packets of Knorr soup but the shop didn’t have any and neither did the small supermarket opposite them. I was in my apartment by 7:30 pm and ate a bun with chicken gravy. Nice! Then it was off to bed.

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I’m still sick today and my voice feels like I’m auditioning for the part of Deep Throat or Darth Vader! So I called in sick after arranging for a couple of things to be done. Gotta sleep some more now. And I need another coffee! Ooohhh, sneeze, achoo, cough, cough! Sorry!


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