Shave Your Tooth

asterix and the vikings online download I forgot to switch off my cell phone alarm (it plays Shipping Off To Boston georgia rule movie by The Dropkick Murphys) and so woke up at 7 am this morning. 7 am on a Sunday morning! Isn’t it illegal?

I tossed and turned in my sheets, trying to go back to sleep but it was a futile experiment. By 8, eyes slight shut, I dragged myself into the bathroom to take a leak and then brush my teeth inorder to drink a cup of coffee. But wait – jeez louise peppa cheese! I put shaving cream instead of toothpaste on my toothbrush! This outta tell ya how sleepy I must have been – my shaving cream is in a ocean blue & white tube and my toothpaste is blazing red!

MJ Tribute Evening From Cochin Artists

The city of Cochin and it’s musical artists have decided to band together and pay a tribute to the departed King of Pop. As confirmed through tweets and articles in Cochin based blogs, a tribute performance has been organized at the Gokulam Convention Center in Kaloor. The entry and the event is free of cost.

Some of the artists that will be performing for free are: Kalinga,Mother Jane, White Sugar, Dancers from the Dancers and Choreographers Association, Anna of Super Dancer fame, Jazzpeekers, Dezzlers, Michael Jackson look-alikes, Stephan Devassy, Dj Savio, Dj Arvee, Percussionist Gino, etc. It’s confirmed that there will be around 150 bands/artists at the center.

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magicians movie download My only complaint is that Renjini Haridas will be there – she pisses me off big time!

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