New Personalized Facebook URL

It’s the latest epidemic on the data streams of the Cyber world. Well, I’m not sure how popular it’s gonna be. It’s more sensible & time saving is what it is. Facebook started letting it’s users create personalized links to their own just yesterday and it’s on a first-come, first-served basis. So any user who wants to personalize a cool nickname or even their own name had better be quick about it because it’s a hot race that does not guarentee that you’ll get the name of your choice.

I tried getting but that was already taken. The link gave me suggestion using my name in different combos but I thought that I’d stick to the handle I’ve been using ever since I first got online. So ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, dudes & dudettes, chicks & chickalets – set your cursors to my new personlized Facebook URL:

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Took The Team Out For Lunch Today

hatchet online As part of the need for my team to get recharged and de-stress, I took them out for a good lunch today afternoon. Bill payed courtesy of the company’s training department budget. It was a wise decision.

It took us a while to get going; it was almost 2 pm when we left from the office and went on to Hotel Sea Park (about 2 kms away). Two of my team members were missing due to high fever. But I decided that the rest should still go out. So we ordered soup and went over the menu as we loudly decided what to have.

This is the fun part that I love to see – all this excitement in the eyes of my team over choosing dishes to eat. Rashba & Ajeeba – as usual – disected the prawns section but to their dismay the hotel were out of prawns. No problem as chicken 65 & some mutton did the job just as well. Three huge karimeen fish fry were ordered. And, oh yeah, beef! Can’t be a lunch party in Kerala if there’s no beef. Plates of fried rice floated on the while table like ice on water. I had a hyderabadi biriyani and fish.

Once the food came, the yakking stopped and all you could hear were the chomping down of food. Jins had a chicken biriyani & fish & mutton. Neil had rice, fish, beef & mutton. Nazer had fried rice, mutton & beef. And this is the most satisfying part – I just love to watch my team eat. It gives me immense pleasure to see food, and good food at that, being served to and eaten by my boys & girls. It fills me with happiness, because I am big brother & daddy rolled into one for them. They are family.

Well, the food was good except for the fish which I think was a little overdone. It ended up being a bit too crispy. But everyone loved their food. We then ordered ice cream and the 5 of them also had mango juices. Where does it all go? You should see 3 of my people; they are too thin!

Bellies full, we went back to the office to wind up the day’s work. I went back to my system, content that I was able to give them some respite from all that stress. Part one is done, mission accomplished! Now to think of some R&R stuff.

Pittsburgh Wins The 2009 Stanley Cup

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Sid the Kid hoisted the cup high above his shoulders after being handed the Stanley cup by the commissoner of the NHL. As captain, Sidney Crosby had the honour to be first to celebrate with the storied trophy. Max Talbot scored two goals and Marc-Andre Fleury made huge saves during a desperate third-period Detroit barrage as the Penguins defeated the Red Wings 2-1 in a gripping Game 7 to win the Cup on Friday night.

Indestructible – Disturbed

It’s a humdinger of a follow up to the highly successful 10000 Fists Indestructible takes the same formula that worked so well in Ten Thousand Fists download the reign of terror aka black book movie and goes from there, in a direction that should please new and old Disturbed fans.

Indestructible starts off with the sound of an ominous curfew siren & machine guns blasts in the background, as the title tracks rifles out to the listener. It’s a song about soldier and making them feel strong and invincible. Inside The Fire starts off with some techno beats and then the punch of the guitar riff will rip off your face. This, their first single, song about bad relationships was nominated for a Grammy.

Deceiver follows the same lyrical content as the previous track. It starts out sounding almost black metal before going back to the groove that Disturbed are famous for. Lyrics like “You’ve made a habit out of fucking up my life” are rife with anger & venom. The Night is about the night as a living entity and has a catchy chorus. Perfect Insanity is a song that the band had created much earlier in their career but had never found it’s way to the listening public. Until now! Haunted is about being troubled by something someone has said/done to you that deeply affects you.

The drum beats rein in the next song, Enough, is about the breaking point of pain. The Curse sounds like it could easily have been a Korn song! I really like the lead guitar breaks in this song. Torn, Criminal, Divide

& Facade continue in the same vein. Not stand out tracks but you can rock out to them while banging your head to the tunes!

Rocking In The Monsoon Month Of June

In a surprisingly lucky break, the few rockers in the office will get a chance to get our rocks off on the 30th of this month. Turns out that one of the new joinees to the entry level call center associate post has connection with a newish local 4 piece rock band! And he can get them to play for our quarterly Rewards & Recognition function to be held on the 30th!

Seems that recently we’ve had a few rockers joining us in the entry level stage and they would also love to head bang for a couple of hours. This is a welcome relief from the deluge of lame ass Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam songs, some dance routine and sickly skits that are usually seen at these events. And don’t get me started on the saddest of fashion shows followed by a dumb DJ!

But getting a rock band is the highlight for people like me. Long time readers will remember that I sang 3 songs as part of a hastily created office rock band way back in November of 2007. That was fun. I hope this one will be so too. The band will play for free as they need exposure and the experience and we only have to foot the cost of getting their drum set from their garage to the venue. 30th June, head banging! That would be cool B)

Something’s Not Quite Right

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Something’s not quite right with the team and I am worried. And not just from a working perspective. It’s from a personal perspective as well. It has slowly crept up and the usually tight knit group has had some cracks showing up here and there. The team has issues and it’s up to me to get it right.

  • The senior lady member has it mostly all together and the only problems come when she has a family problem – sick small kid or the kind of stuff that comes with being married. But she is mostly solid and a rock in my team.
  • The senior guy is also seemingly stable and worry free. He has a steady girlfriend and has lots of friends and seems to be enjoying life. The senior two people have been with the team since we started and hence monotony is their only major concern.
  • The next senior guy and the MIS person for the department – and the oldest of all at 34 – is about to be a dad for the first time. I also suspect that his marriage is a little tough on him and the expectations are high. He can get frustrated pretty easily.
  • A girl who moved from Operations to the training team 1.5 years ago is one of my major concerns at the moment. She has become extremely aloof and withdrawn and I suspect her private life is to be blamed here. Not too sure. But she seems to be completely immersed in the training batch and even skipping lunch at times and seems too tensed up. I am worried about her; she’s also the youngest.
  • Out of the 3 junior guys, 1 is about to be a dad. His concerns, with a baby on the way in a couple of months is understandable, and with little help from home too. I am not sure what I can do for him, since he needs more financial help and I’m at a total loss there since even my issues haven’t been sorted out.
  • My two other junior boys have the same issue – 1.5 years after promotion and not a penny to show for it. The company fucked with them big time. Evil ways of the corporate world. Victims of the system. Again, I do not have a way out for them until 3 more months.

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I have such a wonderful team who can do so much and achieve so much. And they are all wonderful individuals. I need to be there for them. I need to bring back that lovely team spirit and camaraderie that is usually the envy of other departments. I can and I must. I have to.

I just have to!

Cochin Bloggers Meetup Planned

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A Cochin Bloggers meetup has been fixed on the 14th of the month, this coming Sunday. Since I enjoyed last month’s Tweetup and the same guys are attending the two meets, I don’t want to miss it and fully plan on making my way over to Barista Cafe (the same meeting place as the Tweetup) @ 4pm on Sunday and hanging out with the others.

The only complaint is that it’s on a Sunday and @ 4 pm but it’s what most people are comfortable with. I usually take a nap from 2:30pm till 5 pm on Sundays and am usually lazy unless I’m having a couple of drinks. But no matter, I shall be there.

Stanley Cup Going Down The Wire

It’s a repeat of the previous year’s final with one exception – last year the Detroit Red Wings beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 4 games to 2 with the last match played in Pittsburgh. This time around the Penguins have forced a game 7 in the Stanley Cup final series between the two teams.

Forced to watch their cross divisional rivals hoist the Stanley Cup last year, the Pens will want to rectify the error and make a reverse decision of the 2008 finals. They are agonizingly close to victory: will Pittsburgh be able to hoist the cup or will Detroit complete a repeat of last year and retain the trophy? Friday night will bring us the answers.

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Sens Update 10th June 2009

While one volatile former goalie finds a new NHL team after sitting out the previous season without a team, another player (and a corner stone at that) wants to leave the Ottawa Senators.

download blood work Tough times indeed when a star player wants to leave your team. Last week, Dany Heatley, a two-time 50-goal scorer, sent a letter through his agents informing the Senators that he wants to be traded. The reason stated is that he has has huge differences with coach Cory Clouston, who replaced Craig Hartsburg in February. Heatley has five years and $37.5 million US left on a no-trade deal he signed two years ago.

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Meanwhile, former Sens goalie Ray Emery was snapped up by the Philadelphia Flyers. The one-year deal worth a reported US$1.5 million will see Emery re-enter the National Hockey League following a one-year stint in Russia’s Continental Hockey League.

The Russians (Movies) Are Coming

Do you like foreign films? Do you like Russian culture? Do you like watching movies with subtitles? Then this is for you!

The Cochin Film Society, in association with Russian Cultural Center, I&PRD, Govt. of Kerala & Corporation of Cochin, is organizing a Russian Film Festival in Kochi, from 22nd June to 26 June 2009. Venue: @ the E.M.S Memorial Town Hall, Ernakulam.

22 June @ 05:30 P.M – PAPA – Director: Vladimir Mashkov – 2004

23 June @ 06:00 P.M – 9 ROTA/THE 9TH COMPANY – Director: Fyodor Bondarchuk – 2005

24 June @ 06:00 P.M – AGONIYA/AGONY – Director: Elem Klimov – 1981

25 June @ 06:00 P.M – PEREGON/TRANSIT – Director: Aleksandr Rogozhkin – 2006

26 June @ 06:00 P.M – ISCHEZNUVSHAYA IMPERIYA/THE VANISHED EMPIRE – Director: Karen Shakhnazarov- 2008

download unstable fables tortoise vs hare I might take a look if I can get the time even if the only words (that aren’t names) in Russian that I know are Commrade, Peristroika & Vodka!

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Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

download three and out movie The long awaited 4th Indian Jones movie Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull did not disappoint it’s legions of fans. The combination of George Lucas, Steven Speilberg and Harrison Ford as the protagonist cannot fail. But this will be probably be the last Indy movie with Ford taking the mantel of the famed fictional adventurer. Ford will turn 67 later this year and it’s fitting that the mantel of Indiana Jones will be turned over to the actor who plays his son in this film, Shia Lebouf.

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So what’s good about this movie? Well, 19 years after the last Indy movie, The Last Crusade, Indy is older, wiser & more calmer. He’s a professor on sabbatical, chasing down an alien crystal skull, after the Soviets (lead by Dr. Irina Spalako played admirably by Cate Blanchett) steal the remains of a dead alien from Area 51. He is joined by greaser Mutt Williams, who turns out to be Indy’s son by Marion Ravenwood, looking for his family friend and former Jones colleague Oxley.

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Chases in Peru & the Amazonian jungle, fighting natives, car chases, sword fighting, falling down waterfalls and fending of deadly army ants are just some of the adventures that the duo, who are joined by Ravenwood, Oxley & McHale, have to face. They reach an ancient temple built to the aliens who visited Earth centuries ago and return the skull back. At the end of the film, Jones married Ravenwood and in a poignant moment, we see the mantle being passed on to Mutt…..perhaps!

Thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie, which has made $786,636,033 worldwide on a $185 million budget. Indiana Jones rulz! 8 outta 10.

31 Times

Someone or some people keep google “awake and dreaming roshan” in order to get to this blog. A total of 31 times in the last week according to Lijit statistics. 31 times! I have also noticed that 95% of the time that it comes from the garden city of Bangalore.

A piece of advice – have you hear of bookmarks? Or favourites? And if you have a blog yourself, of blogrolling?

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Boring Me On A Wet Sunday


download futurama the beast with a billion backs dvd Well it’s been a wet day but it wasn’t raining for most of the morning. Still, taking a shower was almost the same as doing the river dance. Coooold water,  brrrr!

My sister brought her younger son and my niece to the apartment today. I chatted with my sister for a while, giving her an update on the Communications coach that I need to hire for the company and about some other stuff. I was out of the apartment by 1:30 pm and hoping for some coffee at Barista. But the heavy rains have caused a long power outage in Bay Pride Mall and hence Barista cafe has no power and cannot make their coffees!

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And what the fuck? SBI ATMs will only spit out money in Rs. 1000 notes! That’s shit service! It said on the screen that to enter “only multiples of Rs.100” but did not accept the Rs.400 and then Rs.800 that I tried. Finally when I entered in Rs.1000 it accepted it and gave me a Rs.1000 note! Of all the fucking stupid things that a bank can do, this takes the cake!

So I went to Velocity, took a comfy booth and had some chicken & porotta and 3 Romanov vodkas with sprite. That hit the spot. Then sleep for a bit while it poured down rain. Watch a movie, read my mail and goof off in front of the pc. Yawn, I think I’ll get some more sleep. G’nite!

The Dream Apartment

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Welcome to the dream apartment. A few days ago I had posted a video here of what I thought is a truly wonderful apartment with a gorgeous view. Now, I’ve found an even better one, it’s like a house inside a single floor. Roomy, gorgeous, with space enough for a family of 4 and it’ll never get crowded.

This apartment is in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I’ve sent it to one of my blogger friends who is from there. He tells me that it’s primo real estate and that it’s in a envied location. The only thing I don’t like about this apartment is the colour! I would paint the insides a mild beige or even off white.

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Pregnant Clouds Burst Over Cochin City

For all the talk about it failing to rain when it is supposed to be raining, the clouds decided to give the city a long, cold bath. It rained quite a lot yesterday evening and some in the night. And then it rained and rained. It hasn’t actually stopped.

Today has been a cold day with clouds pregnant with rain water hovering all over Cochin, it’s bellies waiting to burst. When they burst we got drenched. We’ve had interludes of trickles; it seems as if the clouds were gearing up and reloading between heavy showers. This has caused floods in the city, because ofcourse Cochin is poorly infrastructured. Here’s a photo snapped by a fellow blogger download baby mama movie vantage point movie on his way to the movies. It’s taken on the main commercial street, M G Road near Parthas a famous clothing store.

The cold & rain has made me lazy and sleepy – I napped a bit in the afternoon. I’ve been watching Star Trek Voyager season 4 episodes and also watched a movie, Harold & Kumar : Escape From Guantanomo Bay download dead man s cards dvd (for the second time). It’s been a lazy day where I have preferred to be wrapped in a sheet and on my bed.

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