My Lucky Charms

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download death toll online I think my rings qualify as my good luck charm. They aren’t fancy but rather cheap. I have three rings – the ring on my right hand is one of two that I bought from an aged Muslim ring seller on the beach in Calicut back in 2003. I felt bad for the poor bugger who had to sell them in the hot sun and each were just Rs.10, so I bought two. The other one broke when I jammed it while closing a desk drawer.

The other two were bought by me in 2005, from a roadside vendor outside the Penta Menaka shopping plaza. I needed some companions to the lone ring that I had and so I bought two more for Rs.20 each. One is a thumb ring and the other I wear on the middle finger – both on my left hand.

Nothing fancy, no special value, cheap as dirt but hey – they mean something to me.

Now That I’m Invisible, I’m Heading To The Ladies Bathroom

Been ever so curious about what actually goes on in the ladies bathroom. Notice how it’s always much more neater, prettier & more presentable than the men’s bathroom. It’s like a whole new world out there! And it seems to be in some other time zone or a whole other reality.

The ladies bathroom is ofcourse off limits to us dudes. That makes it even more of a challenge and a curiosity. I want to take a peak….not while they take a leak, that would be gross. But you know, when they chat and giggle and make girlish noises, my senses are in an uproar and I’m dying to run in and join in the fun.

waking the dead online evan almighty dvd Just what is it about the ladies bathroom that has me twisted in a knot? It’s more than the sex part, definitely much more. But what I fear is it will be virtually a pandora’s box with all kinds of nasties coming out!

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Meet The Sens 2009 Round 1 Pick

Meet Jared Cowan, Ottawa’s 1st round pick in the recently held 2009 NHL Entry Draft and 9th overall. Born in Allan, a tiny town in the province of Saskatchewan, his family & he moved to the city of Saskatoon, where he now calls home, at the age of 14.

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A knee injury & operation forced him into rehab back in February and was probably the reason why Ottawa was able to pick him at 9. Had he had a fit full season, Jared would have been picked earlier. Possibly by Phoenix at #6. But they didn’t and hence the Senators got their chance at a top rated defenceman.