Some Delicious Bark Past

At the company guesthouse in Trichy, where me and my colleagues stayed on Monday & Tuesday, there’s a caretaker cum cook who stays year round at the house along with a young lad. The lad does odd jobs, while the caretaker/cook keeps the house neat & tidy and cooks food for the employees who travel to that city and need a place to stay.

The guy who the Trichy office have hired to take care of the guesthouse there is a Tamilian named Mutthu in his 50s. This guy has over 23 years experience in cooking for either a catering service or a hotel and his cooking is…fantastico and bellisimo!! Morning breakfast was idlis, uppma, chutnneys & chammadis that tasted so great and delectable dosas that melted in your mouth. For dinner we asked for thick uthappam styled dodas and chicken curry – needless to say, they were great too!

N ow his English is suspect and I can’t speak more than a few words in Tamil although I can understand a lot more than I can speak. But even then we found it hilarious when he handed us the bill (which is reimbursed by the company) that stated that he was charging us for Chekkan in the night and Bark Past for the morning!

Well, it sure was some delicious Bark Past!

What Is Your First Memory?

There are a few that are very vague but this one stands out clearly. I was a small kid and walked into the kitchen of the little apartment where we lived. My mom was cooking dinner and I had come in specifically to ask her a question “Mummy, how old am I?”

She replied that I was about to turn 4 years old!! And so my earliest clear (as crystal) memory is at the age of 4, asking my mom how old I was.

What’s your oldest memory?