Terminator : Salvation

Alright! I wasn’t really sure that I would watch this film. I hadn’t watched Rise Of The Machines but had seen the 1st two films in this franchise numerous times. Also, I was thinking – a Terminator movie without Arnie. What the fuck?

But I did watch it and I think it’s an ok film. I’m not going to want to watch this many times over the years. It isn’t very memorable but I have a few points on this movie:

  • Sam Worthing does a good job in his role as a man given a chance to redeem himself.
  • I really liked Anton Yelchin, first time I’m seeing him in a movie, and I’m really excited about his role in Star Trek XI.
  • Christian Bale does not convince me in his role as the grown up John Connor.
  • Any movie with Michael Ironside in it, even if it’s a tiny role is worth watching. This guy just exudes charisma and he’s perfect as a bad guy. Here he isn’t one but has a slightly negative tint to his role.
  • As I had stated on seeing the trailer, the Terminator bikes are absolutely cool!
  • Cool to hear Rooster by Alice In Chains & You Could Be Mine by Guns n’Roses in the movie.
  • Was there a point to Bryce Dallas Howard’s role? She wasn’t effective. Moon Bloodgood was ok in her part.
  • I think the best part of the movie is the Terminator with a young looking Arnie face! That was a killer idea and it worked.

Another Disappointment

Another great big disappointment. 3, maybe 4 of my trainers will be leaving the company within the next 10 days or so. I’m still trying to prepare myself for that personal & professional tragedy. Today was the farewell for one of my closest friends, Kiran from HR, as her pregancy is complicated and she will need plenty of rest between now and then and even beyond that.

While still getting accustomed to all this stuff, I was called in to meet the center head in his cabin and my manager was already in. Other than to discuss a couple of things, they also laid it down slowly for me. My promotion pay hike is going to take another quarter to get to me! 6 months after my second promotion! What the fuck?

I’ve got nothing more to say on this front. I’m way too disappointed for words!