What Is Your First Memory?

There are a few that are very vague but this one stands out clearly. I was a small kid and walked into the kitchen of the little apartment where we lived. My mom was cooking dinner and I had come in specifically to ask her a question “Mummy, how old am I?”

She replied that I was about to turn 4 years old!! And so my earliest clear (as crystal) memory is at the age of 4, asking my mom how old I was.

What’s your oldest memory?

Trichy Trip

Well, like I stated earlier, I left with 4 colleagues on the Trichy-Kochi Express on Sunday night and we reached Trichy early Monday morning. A company cab was waiting to take us to the company guesthouse. A hot cup of tea was the first thing on everyone’s mind (coffee for me) and then after discussing the agenda for the day, we retired to our rooms for a bit of rest.

By 9:30 am, we had shaved & bathed and headed over to the Trichy office. We were taken round the four floors of the center, which is bigger than the one we have in Cochin. Once that was done, I went to sit with my counterpart in Trichy, a guy named Akhil who I had worked with for 6 months in 2007 in Cochin. We caught up and then tried to compare notes. A quick lunch in the cafeteria was followed by more work and a couple of meetings.

At 7 pm we were whisked away back to the guestbook so we could get ourselves refreshed and then it was off to Hotel Ramya’s where a drinks & dinner awaited us. Fish fry, crab, chicken tikka, sausages and some other stuff were accompanied by whiskey & brand – I had beer. I had a biriyani for dinner as did a couple of others and then we retired back to the guesthouse. As soon as I had washed my face & feet and laid down on the bed, I fell into a deep sleep until 4 am when thirst woke me up.

Tuesday was more of the same – we had a huge 3 hour meeting with the HOD team of the Trichy center and had a late lunch. A couple of more meetings later it was time for us to head back to the guesthouse and get ready foran early dinner and then a drive to the railway station. By 8: 30 pm we were on our way back to Cochin, happy about the warm welcome and the visit we had in Trichy. But I was glad to see my room at home again.

Back Home In Cochin

Well I’m back home in Cochin and in my apartment after two days and a night away. I travelled by train to Trichy (Tamil Nadu) with 4 of my colleagues on Sunday night. We departed the station at 10:20 pm and reached Trichy 8 hours later. We left Trichy at 8:45 pm last night and I stepped into my apartment at 6:30 am today. Although I enjoyed my visit to Trichy and the Trichy office, it sure feels good to be back on my native soil.

The trip is worth a few blog posts and I’ll write all about it later today. But first things first – my dad was back home yesterday and he’s fine. After a whole bunch of tests and consultation, he’s just got an allergy problem and that is causing his respiratory troubles. He’s been given a bunch of medicines and told to take walks everyday. He also has to take an inhaler for his breathing issues but that is a temporary situation.

So my major worry is kinda solved and we can relax again. After 4 nights sleep on different beds – 2 nights on a train, one in a hospital bed and one on a hard bed in the company guest house in Trichy – I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight. But the day is just starting and I have to get ready to go to work.  So have a nice solar eclipse day and I’ll catch you on the flip side.

My Train’s A Coming

An update on my dad – I was with him the whole night and kept him company. I reached the hospital just after 9 pm and stayed with him for a while, until I felt hungry enough to go and get some dinner. Since the hospital cafeteria was closed (at 10 pm) I wandered into the nearby new hotel which was started by the same people who run one of the two bars that I normally frequent (Oberois).

While eating a light lunch, I was on a call with a colleague from our HR department, discussing an Employee Engagement activity that is to be held on the 24th of July. EE wanted my inputs on the new hire and that went on for almost 45 minutes. I made my way back to dad’s room and settled in for the night after I had a little chat with him.

By 6 pm we had 3 nurses come in (at different times) to take a blood sample (nurse Vampira), blood pressure (nurse Stressa) and urine sample (nurse Piss-me-not). I’m kidding – all 3 were sweet little nurses, not much older than 23 or 24 and it amused me when they kept calling my dad as ‘achaa’ (father). It amused the hell outta him too. Once all the tests are done by tomorrow, he can come back home. It should have been completed by today evening but there is a huge waiting list.

By 7 am I was back in the apartment and got ready to go to the office. I had to work today till 6:30 pm and then rushed back home to iron my clothes for a journey – I’m traveling to Trichy (in Tamil Nadu) tonight and my train leaves in less than 2 hours. It’s an official business trip and I just couldn’t get out of it. With my dad having all these hospital tests and the training being delayed at work, this just isn’t the right time for me to be away from Cochin. But I understand that it is important for me to be there for 2 days.

So wish me luck on my first trip out of the home state of Kerala in the last 10 years or more (man that is so weird). I look forward to it and hope to be back home by Wednesday to see my dad back in the apartment. I gotta finish packing and get some dinner before I join my colleagues at the station.

Can’t Stay And Chat

My dad’s been admitted to the hospital for some tests as he is has been suffering from respiratory problems and he keeps getting ill. There’s slight variation in his ECG.

I’ve just reached home from work, so I’ll get some things for an overnight stay, keep him company for the night and then get back home in the morning. I’m working tomorrow, doing Preprocess training for a batch of 22. Things are in a mess at the office and it’s going to take some undoing over there as well.

So I’ll bid goodnite to my readers and catch u later.

My Pretty Former Colleague

Strange that I should another friend and former colleague from my years in Idea. I had posted about Alfred a buddy of mine from my days working for the cell phone service provider and today while waiting for the rest of my colleagues before we had to start the review with our clients, I met another former colleague.

I’m not going to mention her name. She means a lot to me and she’s a good colleague to have. She was the first person who I sat along with at the call center in Idea and who showed me the billing software and helped me understand the various tariffs and other details of the process. For this I will always have a special fondness for her. For being an awesome, fun loving and mischievous friend, she will always have a special place in my heart.

But I was quite shocked to see that she has lost a lot of weight! And she wasn’t plump or chubby to begin with. She was always slim and although she had some issues about being on the darker side, she was quite pretty and lots of people found her quite attractive. But I used to keep hearing things about her family life and her husband’s drinking and I can’t help thinking if it has resurfaced. If that is the reason why she was looking so gaunt, it’s really sad.

I hope that it’s not the case. I wish her well and I hope to see her happy in life, raising her two kids and doing well in her job. My thoughts are with you.

Notes For 17th July 2009

  • I had to go to our clients’ office for a review that was due to start at 10 am, so I didn’t go to my office. Instead I took an auto straight to the client’s at 9:40 am.
  • Only the Quality lead had arrived there and due to traffic jams caused by heavy rainfall, the others would be delayed by almost 90 minutes. The two of us chatted for a long time and then started to feel antsy. We went down for a cup of coffee and delicious, warm cutlets!
  • Just as we were sipping our coffees the rest came in so we hurried in. The review meeting started as soon as we were in and it went on till 2:40 pm when we broke for lunch. I didn’t enjoy the lunch much but there was gulab jammun for desert!
  • Then we had a presentation from the clients – it got quite animated and a bit heated for sometime but got all friendly within a matter of minutes.
  • The quality lead and I spent another 30 more minutes discussing associate calls with the quality team from the client and then left the office. I was back in my apartment by 6:45 pm.
  • All throughout it has been raining quite a hell lot and I got reports of traffic being held up for hours at a stretch.
  • I’ve settled down with a hot coffee and a flannel sheet wrapped around me as it’s quite cold and playing Pearl Jam songs while I blog this post. After dinner it’s going to be watching the 80s Sci-fi series V that I’m downloading via torrent.