Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II : The Secret Of The Ooze is a direct sequel to the first TMNT movie. The turtles & Splinter are staying @ April O’Neil’s apartment as the Foot clan are well aware of their hideout in the sewers. Things are a bit dull but the 4 teens manage to make a new friend in Keno, a pizza delivery boy & martial arts student, who is aided by the turtles when stopping thieves from robbing a mall. Shredder, who was thought to be killed at the end of the 1st movie returns for revenge. But most importantly the secret of how the turtles & Splinter mutated is revealed.

And ofcourse the movie started off by capturing the imagination of the teenage minds of my cousins & I when we first watched this movie and making us hungry – by showing lots & lots of pizzas being eaten! And so:

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  • The company known as TGRI was responsible for mutating the four Turtles and their adoptive father Splinter – it was an accidental mixing of toxic chemicals exposed to radiation that made an ooze that causes mutation in any biological being that comes into contact with it.
  • April is caught once again by a Foot clan member – this time it’s Freddie who is working with the news channel that April casts for.
  • The Foot have relocated to an old junkyard with mountains of old tired and banged up cars.
  • The turtles find a new home in an old abandoned subway station and convert an old train into living quarters.
  • Raphael gets caught – again. This time Keno is with him but Raph covers for the kid in order for him to escape the Foot.
  • Two villains are introduced – Tokha & Razhor; a mutated snapping turtle and a wolf. They possess brute strength but are intellectually still babies. They call Shredder mamma instead of master.
  • In the end fight scene which takes place in a dance club, rapper Vanilla Ice perfomes Ninja Rap – a song I must shamefacedly say that I sang & recorded into a tape when I was about 15!
  • Case Jones is missing in this film.
  • For the part of April Paige Turco replaces Judith Hoag.

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Don’t Ask Me To Follow, For God Isn’t Real

Courtesey Indo-American Atheist blogger Hemanth Mehta, here’s a fan video of Robbie Fulks song God Isn’t Real. Fulks is a country singer and an atheist. Find below some of the lyrics:

A world filled with wonder, a cold, fathomless sky
A man’s life so meager, he can but wonder why
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He cries out to Heaven its truth to reveal
The answer: only silence, for God isn’t real.

Go tell the executioner of the power he can’t defy
Go tell his shackled victim of the mercy on high…

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Then go to your churches, go beg, pray, and kneel,
But don’t ask me to follow, for God isn’t real.

Joe Sakic Announces Retirement

Classy 20 year NHL veteran Joe Sakic has decided to hang up his skates and retire from the game of hockey. Delivering a speech on July 9th that had kept him up most of the night fretting, the longtime Colorado Avalanche captain broke down, his voice betraying him as he stared into a room packed with family, friends and teammates – even the governor of the state.

The 40 year old Sakic, who played his entire National Hockey League career with the Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche franchise, won the Stanley Cup twice, various NHL trophies, and was voted into 13 NHL All-Star Games. Over the course of his career, Sakic was one of the most productive forwards in the game, having twice scored 50 goals and earning at least 100 points in six different seasons.

During the 2002 Winter Olympics, the son of Croatian immigrants to Canada, Sakic helped lead Team Canada to its first gold medal in 50 years, and was voted as the tournament’s most valuable player. He has represented the team in six other international competitions, including the 1998 and 2006 Winter Olympics. Colorado Avalanche stated they will retire Sakic’s #19 during the home opener of 2009-2010 season.

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For all his hockey skills, Sakic might well be remembered most for his classy & unselfish sportsmanship. After the Avalanche defeated the New Jersey Devils in the 2001 finals in seven games, Sakic received the cup first as the captain. But instead of hoisting it high, he passed it straight to Ray Bourque, a player who had waited a record-breaking twenty-two seasons to win the Stanley Cup. That was a truly wonderful moment in sports.

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My Favourite Gal On TV…@ The Moment

Speaking of Bones, here’s my favourite gal on tv at the moment. How favourite you ask? Well, I’m in love.

The lovely miss Michaela Conlin who plays Angela Montenegro – A forensic artist at the Jeffersonian Institute and is Dr. Brennan’s best friend. Angela is Dr. Brennan’s team specialist in craniofacial reconstruction and can generate holograms using her 3-dimensional graphics program (The Angelator) to simulate various scenarios of a crime. She is open, friendly and caring, and constantly tries to draw Dr. Brennan out of the lab.

Her dad is played by Billy Gibbons, guitarist of ZZ Top, appearing as himself. She is half Chinese and half Irish and I love her look. She hasn’t acted in much – other than this supporting role in Bones, she’s done a few guest roles and minor roles in a few films.

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Who cares? I love this gal and I hope to see her in more tv & movies. Hurray for Michaela!

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Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

download space chimps How cool is this episode of Bones! It starts off at an open mic night in a piano bar. After they show a few people trying their vocals out, Ace Young (a former American Idol finalist) belts out a slightly slower (and a tad bit boybandish but it’s ok) version of Far Away by Nickelback!

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That’s not all! The manager of the piano bar is none other than Ethan Phillips aka Neelix from Star Trek Voyager! It’s a shame that he has such a tiny guest role instead of a major part but it sure was interesting to see him without the Talaxian alien makeup!

And to top it off after ‘Zack’ sings in a tenor like manner, Emily Deschanel aka Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan gets up and belts a cool version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

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Ofcourse just after that Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) is shot by a crazy lady who meant to kill Brennan ! That’s not cool but I know that he doesn’t die.

It’s A Small World When It Comes To Friends

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to get a mail from an old colleague & friend. But what’s even better is that my friend, Alfred Joseph, sent me the mail to my office email id….He had joined the same company that I had worked for!

I met Alfred while waiting for the interview rounds at Escotel’s (now Idea) Kerala offices located in Ravipuram. We both join the company on the same day – January 5th, 2004 – and were part of Escotel/Idea’s customer care call center as CSAs. He would later move to the company’s Thrissur office and later move to corporate sales. He had some problem with Idea and would eventually leave to join Tata and then Airtel.

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I met him by chance in Ravipuram just before I joined my current company and we talked for a few minutes. Since then I haven’t heard anything about him, except maybe for a scrap or two in Orkut. However, it’s been 2.6 years later and I was surprised to learn that he has joined my current company’s Coimbatore office in the same post as me – Assistant Manager, Training!

evil under the sun online Strange & small world. I spoke to him today and we exchanged notes on each other and as to how he ended up working for this company. Glad to hear that he got married and is now a dad. I hope to catch up with him sometime soon, maybe we can meet at a Training related workshop or something.

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Bomb Blast @ Cochin Collectorate

The shattering news echoed all over the city today as the word spread about a bomb blast at the Cochin Collectorate. The blast took place on the 5th floor of the office in Kakkanad area and the building was evacuated immediately.

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Onlookers rushed to the site on hearing the roar of the blast (but I wonder if they would have helped anyone – Keralites are notoriously curious to view accidents & mishaps but the curiosity stops at that). A high alert was sounded across Kerala and security beefed up after an explosion at the Kochi collectorate building Friday evening was identified as a pipe bomb blast and identified a timer, ammonium nitrate and batteries.

A man near the spot suffered minor injuries in the blast but no deaths. Security is being beefed up and there might be cops all around. I know that the BPO which I work in is going to be very alert tomorrow. All employees have been asked to be prepared for intense frisking and bag checking.

I’d Spend A Week In A Treehouse If I Cud’

A treehouse is the dream of every young boy, especially in his preteens. I mean, if you lived in a house with your parents and siblings, you craved for a tree house in your yard, secluded from the folks and that annoying sister of yours! You could create your dream world inside the four walls of the treehouse.

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You could hold secret meetings, create a club with your best friends and conspire together to get back at those sneeky girls! You can sit and read comics, share all the latest stories, swap sports cards and argue about which is the best team or player until the sun comes up!

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You can even spy on neighbouring houses with your telescope, mabe even catch your first glimpse of naked boobs too! And ofcourse, the very first Playboy or Penthouse magazine that you have gone through would also be shared with your buddies while tucked away in the safety of the treehouse.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – The Movie

I spent the last couple of nights falling asleep while waiting for the torrent of this movie to finish downloading. It was completed yesterday morning and I watched it last night, the 3rd time ever but after a long gap of 15 years atleast!

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brings back memories of being a teenager and screaming stuff like ‘Cowabunga’ & ‘Radical’ along with a couple of my cousins and being big fans of the 4 turtles Leonardo, Michaelangelo the salton sea movie download download air buddies online , Donatello download the clearing and Raphael . Nostalgia was running wild as I longed for more carefree & innocent days. Anyways in this movie:

  • We get to know about the origins of the pizza loving 4 green dudes, discovered swimming in a radioactive substance by a rat, who is Master Splinter.
  • The villains are Shredder & his foot clan, evil gang lords who recruit disenchanted youngsters to steal and commit petty crime.
  • Casey Jones, ex-hockey player turned crime fighter is also introduced and it is hard to place the long haired Casey as the balding character actor Elias Kotea we know now. But yeah! It’s him! It really is him.
  • In this movie April O’Neil is played by Judith Hoag but she is replaced by a crush of mine, Paige Turco, in the 2 sequels.
  • Just like in the sequel, Raphael goes on his own and gets into trouble. The other 3 with Casey & April rescue him.
  • This movie is a bit more darker & serious than the other 2, being more true to the original comic book series. But I couldn’t stop laughing when Michaleangelo asks Splinter in all innocence, when they bring an unconscious April to their house for the first time, “Can we keep her?”

Brings back lots of memories of being 14-15 and having fun with my cousins. Sigh!

Hoping To Be Traveling Soon

A day ago I got the information that I will be joining a 5 member team from our Kerala center who will be paying a visit to our company’s Tamil Nadu office which is located in the city of Trichy. This is an official visit meant to increase our presense and also share some best practices; hence the trip next weekend. Tamil Nadu is a bigger state, has a bigger population plus it has a vast metropolitan city in Chennai (formerly Madras) and therefore our Trichy office is bigger and does more business.

The biggies from the Trichy office come to our center on a regular basis. Our corporate team has made our two centers intertwined on some levels. So I guess it makes some sense for us to visit that center. I’m excited on one level as I get to visit a different office of my company – I have yet to go anywhere and I’m an Assistant Manager! I should be travelling a lot more. I was hoping to visit Bangalore but haven’t been able to yet. Plus, I haven’t been out of the state in ages.

On the other hand I’m not too keen on visiting Tamil Nadu. And Trichy in particular. No offense to Tamilians but if we think Kerals is hot, Tamil Nadu can be a damned furnace! And from what I have heard, Trichy is hotter than hell. Good thing that my visit is only for 2 days eh?

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The Most Beautiful & Classy Trophy In Sports

With the recent plaudits still coming in for last Sunday’s Wimbledon Men’s final and that incredibly long 5th set (it was longer than most Soap Opera series), the most important championship in tennis takes down memory lane. I remembered all those years ago, 22 to be exact when I sat in front of the tv screen and watch Pat Cash climb the stands to go and hug his family after he’d won the 1987 title.

clash of the titans dvd From that year onwards I was a tennis fan and Wimbledon fascinated me. The history, the traditions, the green grass, the legends, the glamour….but most importantly it was the trophy! Ladies & gentlemen, the trophy that they give to the men’s single winner at the All England Championships is hands down, the most beautiful & classy looking trophy ins sports that there is. Just look at it.

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I must say that it is best displayed in sunlight to showcase it in all it’s spendor and the gold contracts brilliants in the sunlight and the green grass. It was the trophy that I dreamt of winning and holding from the age of 11. It still holds a magical effect over me, although I don’t watch tennis anymore and haven’t since the last 8 or 9 years. It really is special.

Kovalev Signs 2 Year Contract With Senators

I didn’t see this coming but it looks like a good deal for some slick offense and could get us 20+ goals a season. Ottawa Senators general manager, Bryan Murray, gave the slick Russian winger a US$10-million, two-year deal Monday, believing Kovalev will bring a dimension to his team that was sorely lacking last season. A 16-year NHL veteran, Kovalev spent the past six seasons with the Canadiens and in 78 games last season he led the team with 26 goals and 65 points.

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Prior to Montreal, Kovalev spent time with the New York Rangers, helping them win the Stanley Cup in 1994, and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Kovalev is the top-six forward Murray was looking to acquire and despite a rally of about 100 people outside the Bell Centre on Sunday begging the Habs to keep Kovalev, the Senators were able to make the deal.

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Remakes Galore

This is a continuation of a post that I had written towards the end of May about Reboots in the film & tv world.

Since then I’ve had a good look at some other remakes / reboots. Friday The 13th movie series has been remade – I have bought a copy of the new movie yesterday and will keep you posted on the review. Why remake the series? Why not just continue?

Wes Craven’s Nightmare On Elm Street series is getting remade, with the first movie to be released in 2010.  They are going to recast Freddy Kruger. Like anyone can replace Robert Englund! The Production company Platinum Dunes is behind many remakes like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror and the above mentioned two slasher movies. They also have Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds line up as well.

I had also failed to know about the remake of Knight Rider, a series that had got canceled after 1 season. The theme was about Michael Knight’s son taking over the role.

And this just in – they are going to bring T J Hooker to the big screen. Remember the tv series of the same name in the 1980s starring William Shatner? Well they are negotiating to have Shatner play T J’s dad in the movie, bringing the role to it’s roots.

So that’s 2 epic heroes made famous by Shatner that have been remade. But they’ll never be able to replicate what he brough to the roles!

Improvisational Dinner

I wish I had a camera to showcase it to you my readers! But I guess that my description will have to do.

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I was wondering what to do for dinner. Since I had a couple of beers and some good lunch, I didn’t want anything major but by 10 pm I was hungry again. Problem is there isn’t anything in the fridge that I can make for dinner – I can’t really cook!

But wait – I had bought this huge sliced loaf of white bread, which I had remembered as a brand that tasted soft & not too sweet (I hate sweetened bread and as a rule prefer garlic or wheat bread), so I looked for something to go with it. Not much as it turned out but I can improvise. And I did!

Dinner is 4 slices of huge soft bread, lightly fried onions, a dab of tomato sauce & sprinkles of Oregano seasoning that was left over from Dominos. pizza that I had ordered last week. One word – DELICIOUS!!