The Camera Print Copy Of Star Trek XI

A few weeks ago, I was able to locate and download a torrent file of the new Star Trek movie, which we fans will call Star Trek XI. Having waited impatiently ever since the movie was announced and then since May 8th, I really was anxious to watch this eagerly awaited movie.

However – once the download was completed, I saw that it was infact a very bad camera print of the movie which some boot-legger shot by smuggling a camera into a theatre. I was confused; I really wanted to watch this movie but should I base my feelings on such an important flick by watching a bad copy?

Since I couldn’t decide for myself, I left the choice to Twitter. I posted a comment depecting my dilema and asked for suggestions – bang! Everyone said not to watch it. And so I haven’t yet! It’s still lying in my hard disk but I haven’t watched it. Sigh! And there’s no hope of it coming to a theatre in Cochin.