Where I Lay My Self

I do not like my bed! Or more correctly, I do not like my mattress. It’s hard and not really welcoming. It’s not the kind of mattress that one would look forward to fall on after a tough & tiring day at work.

It hasn’t got that ‘come lie on me and let me take your troubles away’ feel. The bed my parents use is much more comfortable and softer. You’d sink in and go straight to sleep once you close your eyes. Mine is the kind that you’d use as a wall for a house. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel as rested as I used to on my old bed.

What about you; do you like a  hard bed or a softer one?

Swept Of Her Feet!

I read this in the paper today….A man proposes to his girlfriend asking if she would be his wife. She was quite willing to accept his proposal. The man is happy. So is the girl. Or maybe she was a little too happy!

On a hiking trip along the rugged Billy Goat Trail in Maryland, USA, a man proposed to his girl and just after she accepted, she slipped and fell 10 feet down a rock face. She briefly lost consciousness and had to be rescued by helicopter. Her injuries however are minor and there’s no serious damage done.

The couple’s name have not been given out to protect medical records and to avoid embarrassment. But that must have been ‘one heck of a proposal’ as the area’s fire department chief put it! Gives a new meaning to ‘sweeping her off her feet’! Imagine what that seen would be like. She must have said “I dooooooo…………ahhhhhhhhh”! Thud!