UEFA Women’s Euro : Finland 2009

There was a Women’s European Championships? And it just got concluded yesterday? I know that women’s soccer is big in some countries and even the US (as compared to the men’s version) but this is surprising as I haven’t heard a peep outta this event..until now! I usually don’t watch or follow women’s football and even you held a gun to my head, I couldn’t tell you a women’s footballer name other than Mia Hamm. And she’s retired!

Anyways, the event was held in Finland from August 23rd till the 10th of September. Four cities – Helsinki, Turku, Lampere & Lahti – played host to the 12 competing nations and the finals were held in the Finnish capital of Helsinki. Germany won the tournament for the 7th time in the last 10 years, beating England 6-2. Norway pipped Holland for the 3rd place.

If Only Today Was Just Another Date

Unfortunately, history will be known as before 9/11 and after 9/11. I remember that I had just come down from my room and my mom informed me that a big building had been destroyed in the US! I didn’t know that soon another plan was going to crash into the adjust tower and the death & destruction would reign as the top story for days on end. I have many points on the same topic and I may not have liked some of the American public’s reaction to it later (if you’re not fighting with us, you’re fighting against us) but this was a massive tragedy. It also got Bush a second term as the President because Americans were scared and Bush went to war. Suffice to say that many lives were affected because of the bastards who decided to fly the planes into the WTC towers and they will never be the same again. Peace!

Take a moment to look at this wonderful image from FromAshesRosePeace!