My Mom’s 60th Birthday

So it’s my mom 60th birthday today and in the Malayalee culture this event is called the ‘sashtipurthi’. It is an auspicious day in the life of the Hindu Malayalee and usually it has a lot of poojas and shit that involves pujaris and temples. Well, we’re having a family get together this evening and the agenda is that everyone has some fun this evening.

So, a hall was booked at the Lotus Club in Ernakulam and the food was ordered for about 55 people. Her brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces & nephews were invited for drinks and dinner. As soon as I got there I saw something that boggled my brain! My cousin Raju had hair! And not just hair but a full set of hair on his usually bald head. Turns out that he was wearing a hair piece and he wanted reactions from us!

The men gathered in the smaller room opposite the hall that we had booked for the evening. There were 2 bottles of brandy (Napoleon and Joie De Franc) and a VSOP whiskey, some beer, Mirinda, Pepsi and Mango Slice. After starting with beer I moved on to the brandy & coke and then JDF brandy & Mango Slice! Fish fry, beef fry, chicken balls, peanut masala & french fries were the snacks of the evening.

(my dad & mom after cutting the birthday cake)

A few hours later it was dinner time and I quickly ate a bit and then moved onto desert & cake. I have enjoyed myself and spending time with my cousins proved to be fun. The kids were enjoying themselves and it was a blast. I think my mom had fun and well – isn’t that the important stuff. By 11:45 pm we left the club and headed back home. I am so tired now so I’ll take your leave and get some sleep. Good nite folks and wish my mom a happy 60th Birthday!

Comrie Signs With The Oilers

In a surprising move to most hockey fans & critics, former Oiler Mike Comrie has signed with his hometown Edmonton franchise on a 1 year contract worth just a little over $ 1 million.

Comrie, originally drafted by Edmonton in the third round (91st overall) in the 1999 NHL Entry Draft, rejoins the Oilers after having played here from 2000-2003. The 28-year-old has also played for the Philadelphia Flyers, Phoenix Coyotes, New York Islanders and Ottawa Senators. Comrie has posted 154 goals and 184 assists for 338 points in 525 games in the NHL.

Comrie had two stints with Ottawa, both times signed as part of a trade in March but his second outing last season wasn’t as fruitful and especially with the Senators needing to clear more salary to remain under the CBA cap. Comrie has had his best years in Edmonton but he should be prepared to get booed by his own home crowd for holding out for 30 games over a contract dispute in 2002-03.