Why Don’t You Trek Yourself?

Atom Originals have spoofed the new Star Trek movie by making a trailer of the flick as if it were an 80s high school movie! This is really cool. Spock is a science nerd, Uhurua is a cheerleader and they even incorporated Khan as the villain of the peice. The school bullies are Klingons and they even add a comment on Sulu (well actually the actor George Takei) being gay!

Arsenal 2 Manchester City 4

Arsenal’s good start to the season have hit two bumps on the road. Last weekend it was Manchester United and this Saturday it was their cross city rivals who beat Arsenal. Emmanuel Adebayor silenced the taunts of Arsenal fans as he inspired Manchester City to a fourth successive Premier League victory – but sparked fury among his former supporters inside Eastlands with a provocative solo goal celebration.

Adebayor’s excessive celebrations did not go well with the crowd and he also got a booking for that. Adebayor also appeared to kick out at Robin van Persie during an eventful second-half. He caught former team-mate in the face with his boot which the Dutchman claims was intentional. The Togo internation says that it wasn’t and that he apologized. Van Persie and Thomas Rosicky scored the 2 goals for Arsenal.

Heatley Traded to San Jose For Cheechoo & Michalek

Disgruntled star left winger Dany Heatley finally got what he wanted. The two time 50 goal scorer got his trade and a move from the Ottawa Senators to San Jose.

The Sharks have shipped forwards Jonathan Cheechoo and Milan Michalek and a second-round 2010 pick for Heatley along with a fifth-round pick in 2010. The deal has been talked and thrashed about all summer during which San Jose along with only Edmonton were the only really serious options that came along.

Essentially the deal offers a new start to both Heatley and Cheechoo, whose goal-scoring has diminished in recent season. Mostly, however, it removes a black cloud about the Senators’ organization. Heatley has stated that he wanted out because of reduced ice time and a perceived diminished role with the club. He did say he had been unhappy in Ottawa dating back to last season, and that he’s happy to move on.

I hope that the two forwards that we have got in return will prove to be a good trade and contribute offensively. Personally I was hoping that we would get center Patrick Marleau, who’s future at San Jose isn’t finalized yet and he may yet be traded.

This Time Around – Paul Brandt

In 2004, country singer/songwriter Paul Brandt released his 4th album titled This Time Around. The cd was released on Orange Music Canada, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.

The album starts off with a cover version of J W McCall’s huge hit Convoy. Paul does a bang up job of creating his own version and the video features fellow Canadian country singers Jason McCoy, Aaron Lines & Calgary Flames defenceman Rhett Warrener & former Flames defenceman Mike Commodore as fellow truckers. George Canyon also appears as a state trooper. Brandt’s version of the song peaked at #9 on the Canadian Country Singles chart.

From there we go to another hit single off the cd; a semi-ballad called Leavin featuring Australian country singer Keith Urban on guitar. A look back on your life that was is the song Home, reminiscing about his family. In the song it’s about the singer wanting to get away from his strict father and now he’s wishing that his father was still alive and see him when he gets home. Speaking of home, the Calgary native then moves onto Alberta Bound as a tribute to his home province and sings it’s praises.

Run To Me is a song about offering courage & love to the woman in your heart. King is a funny look at a wish to always be the right one after having lost an argument with his wife. It’s about wondering how it would be to be the boss and coming back to reality and the fact that you are not! Live Now is about the fragile nature of life and how precious it is and how we never get a second chance once we die. Rich Man is about being thankful for the wonderful family that you have and being ‘rich’ even if money is short because you have things that matter.

In I Still Do Brandt sings about the love he still has for his wife & partner even after they years have passed. The title track, This Time Around, is about doing things right once you realize that you were wrong and that you have a second chance. We shall forgive Brandt for the next song That’s What I Love About Jesus. And finally there’s Hope – a bonus track on the Album of the year award winner at the CCMA.