A 2009 Tragic Story

Here’s a situation personal loan rate uk where you are helpless to do anything for your friend. Other than ofcourse give then a friendly ear and say things could be worse.

I have a friend that I know through work purchase cialis and even though I have never seen her I consider her to be one of my best friends! Yes, I have never met this girl but she is extremely helpful and friendly and we chat over the phone a whole lot and pull each other’s leg and crack jokes at the expense of the upper management. I’d like to think that she considers me to be a close friend too.

This girl who lives in a metro city, is facing a big problem. Her boyfriend, who she has been friends with for the past 9 years, has a politician father who does not approve of her as she is of a different caste & creed than payadvance them. This politician dad has forbid his son to have anything to do with my friend once he found out about their affair. Although they could elope and get a registered marriage done, they have a huge stumbling block in front of them.

Politician dad is hugely connected and can get them beaten up if he so chooses to. He has threatened his son and his wife as well, because she supports the son. His wife has been at the recieving end of his trashings and was once even admitted to hospital because of this. My friend is feeling guilty and sad but at the same time she does not want to be seperated from her lover. And her boyfriend wants to stand up to his dad but he can’t risk his mother’s well being. He also knows that if he elopes, that his father will get a hold of him as he also is cahoots with the state police.

On top of this, the father has said that he has fixed his son’s wedding with the daughter of one of his friends and the son has a week to make up his mind. The dad will not take no for an answer. My friend and her boyfriend do no know what to do. I’m surprised that this is happening even in the year 2009 but this is India and politicians have a huge influence due to money & power. What can they possibly do?

I knew something was wrong when my friend wasn’t her usual cheerful self today while we were talking and I wanted to check up on her. When we spoke this evening, she spilled her heart to me and was crying on the call. I do not know what I can say that will make it all better.