The Pics Are In, People!

As Meleah wanted to see them so badly, here they are! This event took place about 2 Tuesdays back but like a lot of things at our office, the results get announced quite late. 8th September was Dress Your Boss Day!

This was an HR initiative – “Decorate Your Boss’s Workspace and Decorate Your Boss” Day. My team had started work on it by 8 am! By 10 am I was in and they started working on me. I decided to be a sport and indulged them as they really wanted to win the prize. And we won the contest. Yay Training Team! Here are some pics.

Holy Bloody Cramps!

I had a bad case of the stomach cramps this evening. I had been sweating a lot this day and not drinking enough water. My salt intake is also on the decrease and therefore I’m not sure if I’m able to manage. I’ve had these cramps once in a while and each time I notice that I wouldn’t have drunk enough water for a day or two.

The problem with getting the cramps is that sometimes you are in a difficult position and in public and hence are not comfortable to show the pain in public. I was trying to get into a van this evening on the way home when I got mine. It’s worse then when you get a cramp in the leg, and so I had to get out and walk for a few minutes and then get a bottle of water. I drank atleast a half bottle and then waited for a bit while walking about.

I then alerted the Admin team and asked to be put in a different cab as the one I was due to go in had already left. 5 more minutes later I was in a car and headed on my way home, the cramp having eased but still on my mind.