Lost In The Shadows

I was walking home from the bus stop. It was a 10 to 9 pm and quite dark. Certain areas of the streets are mostly covered in darkness. A few cars & bikes quickly make their way back to where they want to go – no doubt some people rushing home from the day at the office and wanting to get back in time for dinner. Some people may be on their way to dinner or a movie.

I was lost in my own world, walking on by, when I suddenly saw him. A man hiding in the shadows near a post, most of his being enveloped in a cloak of black. What are his intentions? Can you trust a fellow who hides himself in the dark?

I steeled myself, not sure if the man was hostile or drunk or high or had an infectious disease. I clutched my bag closer to myself and even clenched my fist; ready to strike a telling blow if it came to that. But I was mistaken!

The poor bastard was down on his luck. He was a soul, bittered by the harsh realities of life and having tasted way too much dejection & failure. He wasn’t sure what his next move should be. He was contemplating ending his life. The look of despair that passed over his face as I walked on by was depressing to say the least. The world has beaten him and he has no place to run off too.

Is this the end for him?