Another Long Day @ The Office.

Another long day at the office. 10:30 am till 9:50 pm. I reached home by 10:45 pm.

It’s getting a little too stressful and hectic. Things are a little too muddled and overall we need to improve a lot of parameters. The client escalations are piling up. My department went through a sea change and since I had 3 team leaders taking up 3 training batches recently, I keep getting questioned on each and every goof up that they did during that time. It’s a pain in the ass.

I’m not able to spend the kind of time that I should be spending with the 7 new members of my team. I need to do that but I am not allowed to because of the 100s of reports, email replies, presentations, meetings, con calls, phone calls and all such bullshit that accompanies a work in a company like this. The only thing that is missing is the pay! Fucked as I am, let’s put it like this : the pay is a tea shop compared to the work pressure, which is a fucking tower the size of the Burj hotel!

I know I’ve been going on about the money aspect and not getting hikes in my blog and some might say that money isn’t everything. And I agree; money isn’t everything! But I have a point there – this phrase “money isn’t everything” is usually uttered by someone higher up who does make a lot of money! And as some would say “true; money isn’t everything! It’s the only thing!”

Goodnite folks!

Scent Of A Woman?

Are scented candles too….you know, feminine?

I recently was given a couple of scented candles, that’s made by a big interior decoration company, as complimentary gifts. They smell…so nice. I want to light one up as I drift off to sleep or perhaps keep one in the toilet to, I dunno, give it a nice fragrance. And I’ve wanted to get these little thingys ever since I first saw them in movie or the tv.

But is it too girly? I’m afraid that after this will I start to have tendencies to wax my legs and do pedicure! Guys who read this, do you use scented candles or would you like to use them? I think they’re nice.