Why Don’t You Trek Yourself?

Atom Originals have spoofed the new Star Trek movie by making a trailer of the flick as if it were an 80s high school movie! This is really cool. Spock is a science nerd, Uhurua is a cheerleader and they even incorporated Khan as the villain of the peice. The school bullies are Klingons and they even add a comment on Sulu (well actually the actor George Takei) being gay!

Arsenal 2 Manchester City 4

Arsenal’s good start to the season have hit two bumps on the road. Last weekend it was Manchester United and this Saturday it was their cross city rivals who beat Arsenal. Emmanuel Adebayor silenced the taunts of Arsenal fans as he inspired Manchester City to a fourth successive Premier League victory – but sparked fury among his former supporters inside Eastlands with a provocative solo goal celebration.

Adebayor’s excessive celebrations did not go well with the crowd and he also got a booking for that. Adebayor also appeared to kick out at Robin van Persie during an eventful second-half. He caught former team-mate in the face with his boot which the Dutchman claims was intentional. The Togo internation says that it wasn’t and that he apologized. Van Persie and Thomas Rosicky scored the 2 goals for Arsenal.

Heatley Traded to San Jose For Cheechoo & Michalek

Disgruntled star left winger Dany Heatley finally got what he wanted. The two time 50 goal scorer got his trade and a move from the Ottawa Senators to San Jose.

The Sharks have shipped forwards Jonathan Cheechoo and Milan Michalek and a second-round 2010 pick for Heatley along with a fifth-round pick in 2010. The deal has been talked and thrashed about all summer during which San Jose along with only Edmonton were the only really serious options that came along.

Essentially the deal offers a new start to both Heatley and Cheechoo, whose goal-scoring has diminished in recent season. Mostly, however, it removes a black cloud about the Senators’ organization. Heatley has stated that he wanted out because of reduced ice time and a perceived diminished role with the club. He did say he had been unhappy in Ottawa dating back to last season, and that he’s happy to move on.

I hope that the two forwards that we have got in return will prove to be a good trade and contribute offensively. Personally I was hoping that we would get center Patrick Marleau, who’s future at San Jose isn’t finalized yet and he may yet be traded.

This Time Around – Paul Brandt

In 2004, country singer/songwriter Paul Brandt released his 4th album titled This Time Around. The cd was released on Orange Music Canada, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.

The album starts off with a cover version of J W McCall’s huge hit Convoy. Paul does a bang up job of creating his own version and the video features fellow Canadian country singers Jason McCoy, Aaron Lines & Calgary Flames defenceman Rhett Warrener & former Flames defenceman Mike Commodore as fellow truckers. George Canyon also appears as a state trooper. Brandt’s version of the song peaked at #9 on the Canadian Country Singles chart.

From there we go to another hit single off the cd; a semi-ballad called Leavin featuring Australian country singer Keith Urban on guitar. A look back on your life that was is the song Home, reminiscing about his family. In the song it’s about the singer wanting to get away from his strict father and now he’s wishing that his father was still alive and see him when he gets home. Speaking of home, the Calgary native then moves onto Alberta Bound as a tribute to his home province and sings it’s praises.

Run To Me is a song about offering courage & love to the woman in your heart. King is a funny look at a wish to always be the right one after having lost an argument with his wife. It’s about wondering how it would be to be the boss and coming back to reality and the fact that you are not! Live Now is about the fragile nature of life and how precious it is and how we never get a second chance once we die. Rich Man is about being thankful for the wonderful family that you have and being ‘rich’ even if money is short because you have things that matter.

In I Still Do Brandt sings about the love he still has for his wife & partner even after they years have passed. The title track, This Time Around, is about doing things right once you realize that you were wrong and that you have a second chance. We shall forgive Brandt for the next song That’s What I Love About Jesus. And finally there’s Hope – a bonus track on the Album of the year award winner at the CCMA.

My Mom’s 60th Birthday

So it’s my mom 60th birthday today and in the Malayalee culture this event is called the ‘sashtipurthi’. It is an auspicious day in the life of the Hindu Malayalee and usually it has a lot of poojas and shit that involves pujaris and temples. Well, we’re having a family get together this evening and the agenda is that everyone has some fun this evening.

So, a hall was booked at the Lotus Club in Ernakulam and the food was ordered for about 55 people. Her brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces & nephews were invited for drinks and dinner. As soon as I got there I saw something that boggled my brain! My cousin Raju had hair! And not just hair but a full set of hair on his usually bald head. Turns out that he was wearing a hair piece and he wanted reactions from us!

The men gathered in the smaller room opposite the hall that we had booked for the evening. There were 2 bottles of brandy (Napoleon and Joie De Franc) and a VSOP whiskey, some beer, Mirinda, Pepsi and Mango Slice. After starting with beer I moved on to the brandy & coke and then JDF brandy & Mango Slice! Fish fry, beef fry, chicken balls, peanut masala & french fries were the snacks of the evening.

(my dad & mom after cutting the birthday cake)

A few hours later it was dinner time and I quickly ate a bit and then moved onto desert & cake. I have enjoyed myself and spending time with my cousins proved to be fun. The kids were enjoying themselves and it was a blast. I think my mom had fun and well – isn’t that the important stuff. By 11:45 pm we left the club and headed back home. I am so tired now so I’ll take your leave and get some sleep. Good nite folks and wish my mom a happy 60th Birthday!

Comrie Signs With The Oilers

In a surprising move to most hockey fans & critics, former Oiler Mike Comrie has signed with his hometown Edmonton franchise on a 1 year contract worth just a little over $ 1 million.

Comrie, originally drafted by Edmonton in the third round (91st overall) in the 1999 NHL Entry Draft, rejoins the Oilers after having played here from 2000-2003. The 28-year-old has also played for the Philadelphia Flyers, Phoenix Coyotes, New York Islanders and Ottawa Senators. Comrie has posted 154 goals and 184 assists for 338 points in 525 games in the NHL.

Comrie had two stints with Ottawa, both times signed as part of a trade in March but his second outing last season wasn’t as fruitful and especially with the Senators needing to clear more salary to remain under the CBA cap. Comrie has had his best years in Edmonton but he should be prepared to get booed by his own home crowd for holding out for 30 games over a contract dispute in 2002-03.

UEFA Women’s Euro : Finland 2009

There was a Women’s European Championships? And it just got concluded yesterday? I know that women’s soccer is big in some countries and even the US (as compared to the men’s version) but this is surprising as I haven’t heard a peep outta this event..until now! I usually don’t watch or follow women’s football and even you held a gun to my head, I couldn’t tell you a women’s footballer name other than Mia Hamm. And she’s retired!

Anyways, the event was held in Finland from August 23rd till the 10th of September. Four cities – Helsinki, Turku, Lampere & Lahti – played host to the 12 competing nations and the finals were held in the Finnish capital of Helsinki. Germany won the tournament for the 7th time in the last 10 years, beating England 6-2. Norway pipped Holland for the 3rd place.

If Only Today Was Just Another Date

Unfortunately, history will be known as before 9/11 and after 9/11. I remember that I had just come down from my room and my mom informed me that a big building had been destroyed in the US! I didn’t know that soon another plan was going to crash into the adjust tower and the death & destruction would reign as the top story for days on end. I have many points on the same topic and I may not have liked some of the American public’s reaction to it later (if you’re not fighting with us, you’re fighting against us) but this was a massive tragedy. It also got Bush a second term as the President because Americans were scared and Bush went to war. Suffice to say that many lives were affected because of the bastards who decided to fly the planes into the WTC towers and they will never be the same again. Peace!

Take a moment to look at this wonderful image from FromAshesRosePeace!

A Three Day Weekend

I live for situations like this!

Ladies & gentlemen, I have a 3 day weekend. Tomorrow is a holiday for us at the office as it’s a festival. Don’t care who was born or who died on this day; it’s a mytholigical dude and wtf, I’m getting a day off from work!

I’m using one of my 2 Saturday offs that I get in a month on the very day, the 12th on the occassion of my mom’s 60th birthday. And then ofcourse there is Sunday.

Ah consistant, peaceful and reliable Sunday! What would we do without you. So I’m ready to put my feet up on the pillow and relax as much as I can cause I’ve got 3 days to do that! Now, what can I plan on these 3 days?

A Goddamn Failure

I feel like an absolute failure. And I really am one.

At the age of 33, I’m finally in a respectable position as that of an Assistant Manager incharge of the Training department for a BPO that houses the call center for a huge client that has a huge customer base in the telecommunications sector. Lots of work, lots of pressure! I’m finally there after a lot of wastage during my earlier years. I’ve had to do things the hard way because I was a dope that didn’t amount to much.

And now that I’ve finally got a good position (Lead post from July 08 and AM from May 09) I thought that finally I’d be able to make the kind of money that people have been getting in this same post. Finally, I’d be able to hold my head high, move out and still be able to contribute to my folks. But no! I haven’t got my own place, I haven’t been able to do the things that I’ve wanted to do.

The company, and in particular my functional heads, deferred on my hike and then the fukcing recession was at it’s peak and basically I’ve been promoted twice within the last 14 months and the shmuck that I am, I’ve still got nothing to show for it except for more work and a grade change and a green tag that basically states that I’m an AM or a Manager! That’s it! No gain for me but corporate & the clients have someone to complain to and pile things on.

When my sister arranged for my dad’s 70th birthday way back in January, I felt bad that I couldn’t help out financially. So I left early, after ensuring that my dad was happy. I thought ‘September is far away; by then I’d surely start getting paid properly and I can host a similar party for my mom’. And that’s what I thought. Did I know that I would still be getting fucked?

I can only spare about Rs.5000 for the event and I think that’s only a third of the cost. My dad & my sis are putting up the rest. I look like a fool. You know what’s even worse? My family & relatives are all going to be thinking ‘why the heck doesn’t he do more? Isn’t he working for a huge company? Surely he must be making a lot more dough now that he got promoted? What an ungrateful son!’ Can I go to all of them and tell them what has happened and why I can’t do anything?

But I swear if some fucking relative says anything, I’m gonna kick his ass!

Where I Lay My Self

I do not like my bed! Or more correctly, I do not like my mattress. It’s hard and not really welcoming. It’s not the kind of mattress that one would look forward to fall on after a tough & tiring day at work.

It hasn’t got that ‘come lie on me and let me take your troubles away’ feel. The bed my parents use is much more comfortable and softer. You’d sink in and go straight to sleep once you close your eyes. Mine is the kind that you’d use as a wall for a house. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel as rested as I used to on my old bed.

What about you; do you like a  hard bed or a softer one?

Swept Of Her Feet!

I read this in the paper today….A man proposes to his girlfriend asking if she would be his wife. She was quite willing to accept his proposal. The man is happy. So is the girl. Or maybe she was a little too happy!

On a hiking trip along the rugged Billy Goat Trail in Maryland, USA, a man proposed to his girl and just after she accepted, she slipped and fell 10 feet down a rock face. She briefly lost consciousness and had to be rescued by helicopter. Her injuries however are minor and there’s no serious damage done.

The couple’s name have not been given out to protect medical records and to avoid embarrassment. But that must have been ‘one heck of a proposal’ as the area’s fire department chief put it! Gives a new meaning to ‘sweeping her off her feet’! Imagine what that seen would be like. She must have said “I dooooooo…………ahhhhhhhhh”! Thud!

Boss’s Day Out

Today was designated ‘Boss’s Day Out’ at the office and HR published an idea that employees could decorate their boss’s work terminal and also decorate their boss! By the time I reached the office, my team were already at it and made my desk & chair colourful and decorative with lots of coloured paper & stuff.

They then decorated me – I’ll have to share some photos that were taken and I will as soon as I get a copy of them. I just cannot describe my appearance.

I learnt that I was to go to Coimbatore for a workshop on Friday. Although I tentatively said ‘yes’ I withdrew from it after speaking to my manager and the center head. The reason? My mum’s 60th birthday falls the day after I have to go to Coimbatore and I didn’t want anything to jeopardize it. Plus I need to be here for making arrangements and stuff. So I have backed out of it.

Still The Number 1 Search Topic

It’s the number one search item once again! 28 times someone has searched for something on the Chris Benoit controvesy and reached this blog.

The Chris Benoit-double muder/suicide controvesy and the theory that Kevin Sullivan may or may have a part in it is still the number one reason why people stumble upon this blog. Amazing that two years since the incident, Benoit’s legacy refuses to die out. He was such a character that anyone who was a fan, refuses to believe that he could be capable of such an act.

I’m still not convinced that Chris committed the crime of killing his son & wife and then himself. He, who was such a wonderful person and devoted family man. Did steroids or brain trauma play a part? Or did Sullivan instigate the crimes? We still don’t know. All evidence seems to lead to the fact that Benoit did it but there’s the possibility that he didn’t as well. So, we are not sure!

I just hope that someday his name is cleared and the real culprits are found.

Goodbye Little Black Kitten

On the way to work, my heart broke to see the body of a little black kitten lying dead on the road. Kitten was probably killed by a speeding vehicle. The kitten was no bigger than my palm.

Although I only saw the body for a minute as I was passing by the image is still stuck in my mind. The shape of the kitten’s head and ears and the tail, curled behind it’s body. I’m more of a dog person but I love cats too and kittens can steal your heart just as easily.

As a guy who’s raised 7 kittens at different times, I’m saddened by the state of the little mite who lost his life all too soon. I hope that he/she didn’t have to suffer much pain before the end came all too soon. Goodbye little kitten.