Oktoberfest Comes To Cochin

Well, not quite but it’s better than nothing at all. Acid Entertainments have brought their version of Oktoberfest to the fair city of Cochin in a celebration of kinds never seen before in the state of Kerala.

The main event is the Paintball championships conducted by AE and is sure to be a big hit among the young crowd of the city. It’s also going to cause some controvesy and a lot of  ‘Shiva, Shiva’ among the uninitiated and the ignorant. There’s also a boozing (beer drinking I think) competeition and a Monsoon dance with a live DJ. The event is going to be held on the 17th of October @ the Bolghatty Palace from 9 am till 10 pm.

Registration and entry closes on the 15th so get your gear in place and go sign on for the war if you have the guts. Kochivibe is behind the promotion of the event as well. I think I’m going to have to check it out if I can.