Mr.Big’s India Tour

They were almost a super group when they first joined forces back in the late 1980s and created a tight hard rocking unted called Mr.Big. Now 7 years after disbanding the four guys – Pat Torpey, Eric Martin, Billy Sheehan & original guitarist Paul Gilbert – have come for a world reunion tour and India is also in the route.

Mr. Big will perform in 5 cities in India and and I missed out on the info for the first two dates – the 10th & the 12 which were held in Bangalore & Shillong respectively. Tonite they perform in Dimapur (Nagaland) and on the 20th they will be in Aizwal. Lucky buggers get to see a good rock show while we rockers in Cochin have to twiddle our thumbs.

But what’s this I see? On checking the band’s official website, it states that there is an additional performance to be done in India but the city & venue is not yet decided. Dare I say it – Mr.Big please come to COCHIN!!