Choosing The Right Colour For Me

I just can’t wait for November 2nd and for the BlackBerry Curve to be delivered to me. I’m a little obsessed right now….ok a whole lot obsessed right now. I’ve been wanting a BB for a very long time, from 2006. In fact it was one of my January 2007 New Year’s resolutions! So it’s the 20th now and I just have to survive the next 12 days.

The question I was asked was what colour I wanted it in! Good question : I am aware of the default silver, pale gold, titanium, black & sunset colours. Black is cool but most of my phones (7 in all) have been black. The ones I really like are the red & sapphire blue colours (as shown here) and either would be cool for me. I do not want the pale gold colour as it is so bland and 3 other people in my office have taken the titanium one! The sunset colour is so cheap that I would not be caught dead with it! I’ve seen an orange version but I think that is a 8330 and not an 8320.

All In The Name Of Rock

While talking to one of my team members, I was reminded of my time in Bangalore back in 1995-96. I was a 19 year old studying Computer Software & Hardware in a Polytechnic in the Garden City. I would drop out after the first year but living there was an experience that I can never forget. I was reminded of the time when I had to spend the entire night in the streets!

Well it wasn’t that bad; you what happened was that I was staying in a hostel provided by the college. In October 95, Indian rock band Indus Creed & thrash metal band Millenium were performing in one of the huge outdoor grounds in Bangalore. About 20 of us from the college, including 11 of us from the hostel wanted to attend the show. So we did and it was a huge blast and we had the time of our lives. At around 11:45 pm the show ended and we made our way back. 7 from our gang of 11 were going to spend the night at friends’ houses and so the remaining 4 of us headed back to the hostel.

Only thing is that there weren’t any buses at that time and so we walked for 2 hours back to the hostel. By that time it was 1:45 am and the hostel doors are locked by the warden at 10:30 pm on Saturdays. We were out on the streets and the wind picked up. I could see the lights in my room (which I shared with 2 others) and longed for my bed. We decided to sit on the steps leading up to a small realtor office and spend the night huddling for warmth.

Pretty soon the other three guys fell asleep and I was awake alone, scared to close my eyes. I just sat there on the steps and waited for the sun to come out and for 6 am, when the hostel gates would open. Around 3 am, the lights came on in a house near me and a huge Alsatian was let loose. We’d befriended this huge, scary looking but well trained dog and he came to give me company. There I was with three buggers snoring on my left and a huge dog bending his head down for me to scratch behind his ears – what a sight that must have been!

About 30 minutes later, I heard a loud whistle – the dog’s master calling my buddy back home and the dog obediantly went back to the house after giving me an affectionate lick (thanks for scratching my ears, Roshan) and I waited till 5:45 am and then woke my friends. We went and drank tea from a nearby shop and then walked into the hostel. I changed my clothes and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was fast asleep and dead to the world.