Kronke Increases Stake In Arsenal

Stan Kroenke has increased his stake in Arsenal to 28.9% by purchasing 90 more shares, according to reports today.  That takes him closer to the 29.9% amount that would trigger a formal takeover offer for the remainder of the club. According to reports from The Guardian and Sky Sports News, Kroenke purchased the shares at a price of £8,500 each.

He purchased 80 shares two weeks ago and he now owns 17,957 in total, a figure which has doubled in the last year or so. The American tycoon, who also owns the NBA’s Denver Nuggets, has been gradually increasing his stake in the football club this year.

Rocker Suicide Hoax On Twitter

Last night, when I was on Twitter, a romour was floating around about Sum 41 singer/guitarist Deryck Whibley. The rumour was that he had committed suicide!

A few tweets and google searches later the 5 or 6 people in my contact list who were concerned and I were convinced that it was just a stupid hoax and that the guy who started the rumour has deleted his original tweet on the subject.

What is true is that Whibley and Avril Lavigne have filed for divorce after announcing a formal seperation last month. The often abused term “irreconcilable differences”was stated in court paperwork, what ever the fuck that means.

I lost interest in Avril Lavigne as a singer the moment she started pallying around with the Hollywood sluts like Paris Hilton. She lost all substance and her 3rd album is a pile of junk. The couple was doomed from the start and Avril seems to be mired in the wastage of the rich, famous & young lifestyle in California.

Mr.Big’s India Tour

They were almost a super group when they first joined forces back in the late 1980s and created a tight hard rocking unted called Mr.Big. Now 7 years after disbanding the four guys – Pat Torpey, Eric Martin, Billy Sheehan & original guitarist Paul Gilbert – have come for a world reunion tour and India is also in the route.

Mr. Big will perform in 5 cities in India and and I missed out on the info for the first two dates – the 10th & the 12 which were held in Bangalore & Shillong respectively. Tonite they perform in Dimapur (Nagaland) and on the 20th they will be in Aizwal. Lucky buggers get to see a good rock show while we rockers in Cochin have to twiddle our thumbs.

But what’s this I see? On checking the band’s official website, it states that there is an additional performance to be done in India but the city & venue is not yet decided. Dare I say it – Mr.Big please come to COCHIN!!

Oktoberfest Comes To Cochin

Well, not quite but it’s better than nothing at all. Acid Entertainments have brought their version of Oktoberfest to the fair city of Cochin in a celebration of kinds never seen before in the state of Kerala.

The main event is the Paintball championships conducted by AE and is sure to be a big hit among the young crowd of the city. It’s also going to cause some controvesy and a lot of  ‘Shiva, Shiva’ among the uninitiated and the ignorant. There’s also a boozing (beer drinking I think) competeition and a Monsoon dance with a live DJ. The event is going to be held on the 17th of October @ the Bolghatty Palace from 9 am till 10 pm.

Registration and entry closes on the 15th so get your gear in place and go sign on for the war if you have the guts. Kochivibe is behind the promotion of the event as well. I think I’m going to have to check it out if I can.

If This is Flirting…..

My attempts at flirting are a in a class of their own. What I lack in appearance, I make up for in……perseverance! And courage! And variety! And novelty!

Here are a few of my favourite attempts at flirting:

  • Can I see your wings? Or when did you get here from heaven? (angel)
  • I bet your name is Mickey…..cause you’re so fine (Johnny Bravo)
  • You must be from Tennessee…cause baby you are the only ’10’ I see!
  • You smell kinda pretty…..wanna smell me? (Johnny Bravo)
  • Has anyone told you that you’re angry when you’re beautiful?

That last one had this cutie who is visiting here on official business from the Bangalore office in splits this evening. I’ve been waiting to see her since last December and try this one on her. It works like a charm

October Is The Month Of Holidays

Google made me look with some happiness at it’s logo – today, October 12th is Thanksgiving Day.

But then I checked; it’s Thanksgiving Day only in Canada and since I use both & I got the logo showing the Canadian holiday.

I did a quick check – the holiday is pretty much the same as it’s American cousin in the two most important things – the feel of autumn with it’s falling leaves and pumpkins galore & the large meal which is centered around a huge roasted turkey and pie for dessert. Now that’s a meal.

The Long Way Home – Terri Clark

The Long Way Home is country superstar Terri Clark’s seventh studio album. The album was released on September 1, 2009 in Canada and through digital retailers in United States and will be released to other US retailers on October 20. It has hit the #3 spot on the Canadian country charts and #16 on the album charts in that country.

She starts us off rocking with the rolling first single Gypsy Boots, which is more rockn’roll than country but who’s complaining? A balls to the walls number about taking what life gives ya and sticking to your guns, Terri is in fine vocal form here. If You Want Fire is, as Terri explains, is as close as she gets to a Tom Petty number. Lyrically is about what true love is worth and if you want to have it, you have to fight for it.

Dealing with uncomfortable emotions, thoughts & feelings, A Million Ways To Run was written while she was on vacation in Hawaii. Clark also gets help from her mother on this track. What Happens In Vegas (Follows You Home) is a true story (not sure about whom) about finding unexpected true love in the sin city of Las Vegas. Merry Go Round is a coming of age song and about finding out what are the things that really matter in life. It’s about slowing down and appreciating what you have.

An older song The One You Love, gave Terri more meaning after her mom’s 3 year battle with cancer. Lyrically the song is being unable to save the one you love from a disease or an alcohol abuse as is the case in here. Vince Gill does backup vocals on this track. Poor Girl’s Dream is about struggling with the simple things because you don’t have the cash. It also features a mean acoustic slide guitar and should definetly be a single. If I Could Be You is about wanting to do just about anything to help a loved one.

Tough With Me is about being able to let go and open up to your lover. It’s about having a shoulder to lean on and that’s it’s ok to be vunerable. You Tell Me is a duet with Johnny Reid, a love song about a couple unsure about their future. And finally the album closes with an acoustic rendition of Gypsy Boots. All great songs from one sexy talented woman. Here’s the video for the first single.

TwitterFox Is Now Known As Echofon

Last April, after getting the world in a post on TorontoMike’s blog, I downloaded and installed Twitterfox – a Firefox app that allows you to view and send Tweets without opening the Twitter homepage.

Well, it seems that Naan Studio, the creaters of the app have changed the name of TwitterFox & TwitterFon (the iphone version) to Echofon in September. It seems that it’s nothing more than a decision to unify their different application under one name for easy identification, as the company and their apps grow. At first I thought that Twitter, which has seen such rapid growth, may have had something to do with this sudden name change.

I noticed the change very late as initially there was no change in appearance. When I noticed the name change when a tweet is sent (for eg. less than a minute ago from Echofon) I got a bit confused but someone updated me on the name change.

Anyway, today I installed the latest version of Echofon and it’s looks much cooler and more sleek. I suggest you download it, if you are using Firefox that is. And if now, first download and install Firefox and then install Echofon.

The Proposal

The first time I heard about this movie and who’s starring, I thought “what an odd pairing? Sandra Bullock is over 10 years older than Ryan Reynolds!” To tell you the truth, she doesn’t look that much older than Reynolds in the movie but it still is odd casting.

Well there are some who love the movie; I wasn’t bowled over but I didn’t exactly hate it as well. It has some funny moments and it’s flaws. I hate it when a father or a family suddenly changes his/their feelings and ‘sees the light’ and I’m not too sure about the corny ending here either.

Right then, as most of you may know by now, Bullock plays Margaret Tate a Canadian chief editor in a huge New York publishing company and who is about to be deported for visa transgression. She bribes her harried assistant, Andrew Paxton, to marry her so she can stay back. Andrew’s future as an editor is tied to her, so he reluctantly agrees. He takes her home to his little hometown and she sees that not only is the family rich, they are also loving & welcoming.

One thing leads to another, Andrew finds out that despite her snottiness & meanness, Maggie is a sweet woman and she grows to like him as well. The granny, played by Betty White,  is a match-making & funny but it also comes across as too much at times. At the wedding, overcome with guilt, Maggie confesses to everyone that it was only a business deal and thanks Andrew. She goes back to NY city to pack up and leave the country. However, urged on by his family, Andrews goes to her and tells her he loves her and they kiss – in their office in front of everyone.

The funniest scene is the naked thing – Bullock and Reynold slam into each other while naked and not having seen that the other is also in the same room. The ‘smack’ of naked bodies slapping into each other is about as real as you can get. The movie also stars Malin Akerman, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson & Asif Mandvi. 8 outta 10!

Ottawa 3 NY Islander 2

Superstar youngster John Tavares’s first NHL game in Canada was last night at Ottawa. But it was it was a less-heralded rookie suiting up for the Senators who played the starring role. Defenceman Matt Carkner, in just his fifth NHL game despite being drafted 10 years ago, scored his first goal and added an assist, being named the No. 1 star in the Senators’ 3-2 overtime victory over the Islanders on Thursday.

Mike Fisher & Peter Regin scored the other two goals, with the former’s being the overtime winner, which was setup by Carkner. The 28-year-old Carkner, a second-round pick of Montreal in 1999 who cracked the Senators’ roster out of training camp. Pascal Leclaire came up with 23 saves in goal. After losing their season opener, the Senators have now picked up back-to-back victories and, including last season when they kicked off the season in Sweden, improved to 9-4-3-1 in home openers.

From now, I’m going to be go back to my regular schedule of blogging about Sens games after every 4 or 5 being played. Here’s hoping for a wonderful season. Go Sens Go!


Gonna Make A Hole In The Moon

Last month ISRO announced that the country’s first unmanned lunar mission Chandrayaan-I found evidence of water on the moon.

Later today NASA is going to bomb the moon!

Scientists will see two spacecraft slamming into the moon’s south pole at 9,000 kmph kicking up a 10-km-high shower of debris that National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) hopes will confirm the presence of enough water necessary to supply future visits by astronauts. Amateur astronomers in parts of the world may be able to view the impact through a telescope; for everyone else, the crash will be broadcast live on the Nasa website along with early pictures of the lunar dust cloud during the dramatic mission. Within an hour of the impact, scientists will know whether water was hiding there or not.

Will someone make a song titled The Day They Bombed The Moon? And why does this remind me of the catestrophic destruction of the Klingon moon Praxis in Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country?

Can’t Reach For The Grapes

Promotions and achievements cannot be for everybody, otherwise it wouldn’t feel good and unique. In order to achieve a position of value in your career you have to not only be good at your job but you also have to show that you are capable of, or can be with just a little molding, moving on to the next level.

Unfortunately not everyone takes being passed over for a promotion sportingly. Today I was made aware of snide remarks made by some associates showing bitter hostilities and trying to find fault with the ones that recently got promoted. It’s a case of sour grapes. They didn’t get promoted and so they are showing their true colours and trying to find fault with the ones that did.

Pathetic display of being envious and selfish. This only goes to prove that you weren’t selected for all the right reasons and that you are no good to anyone.

Ottawa 2 Toronto Maple Leafs 1

The Ottawa Senators got their first win of the 2009-10 season in Toronto, led by 26 saves from goalie Pascal Leclaire, as they beat the Maple Leafs 2-1 — the first win for Leclaire in a Senators uniform.

There was plenty of hype around the decision by Toronto coach Ron Wilson to start goalie Jonas “The Monster” Gustavasson, but Daniel Alfredsson, on a penalty shot, and Shean Donovan scored for the Senators. After their 5-2 loss away to New York, Ottawa were much more tight in defence.

The Senators were awarded a penalty shot after winger Milan Michalek was high-sticked and taken into the boards by Toronto defenceman Luke Schenn at 7:22 of the second period. Michalek, who was cut, needed medical attention as he lay on the ice, but did return to the game. After two games on the road, the Sens play their first home game against the New York Islanders later tonight.

Surrounded By Outstretched Hands

Today’s Indian Express newspaper has an interesting article in their supplement page. This article, written by a civilian, tells us about her recent visit to Marine Drive in the city of Cochin with her friends. They wanted to take a walk on the sea front walkway and enjoy some cold coffee as they walked. However they were soon surrounded by a gaggle of beggar kids.

?????? ????? ????

As the girls tried handing over a few coins to the kids, it soon became a riot with some kids holding on to the girls’ clothes demanding to drink what they thought was “juice” in the large coffee cups. Soon one kid threw back a Rs.2 coin at the writer as he had seen one other kid getting a Rs.5 coin and he demanded the same! The girls were being assaulted by the begger kids and no one offered to help them. Instead a few men were laughing at their plight!

This incident brought back memories from when I was about 17 and I was on my way to a class on Sunday. This institute was about a 15 minute walk from the bus stop at Ernakulam South Junction. As I made my way, I was approached by 2 begging kids. I handed over Re 1 coins to them and soon was surrounded by atleast 12 of these kids! By mistake I handed over a Rs. 5 coin to one and each was now demanding the same and I was being overwhelmed. It took some deft manouvering and some quick thinking before I could escape.

Having had been in the same situation (although mine was waaay back in 1993) I could sympathize. People and, I hate to this, especially Malayalees like to watch other suffer and then comment about it. Get up off your asses and do something!

Backspacer – Pearl Jam

Backspacer is the 9th studio album from Seattle’s finest. It’s also their first in 13 years to debut on the #1 spot on the Billboard charts. This is also their first record with producer Brendan O’ Brien since 1998’s Yield.  The album is a concise & tight power pop, new wave & rock record that has Pearl Jam’s signature all over it and delights the old fans and new ones alike.

The cd starts off with Gonna See My Friend, a straightforward riff rocker with a punk edge. Got Some is some people’s favourite song off the record, especially those who caught the live rendition on the inaugural Tonight Show with Conan O’Brian. And yes true it’s a wonderful song, blazing through about a drug pusher pushing music lyrically. I could be convinced by that and yes the song itself carries it’s arguments.

But my fav is the uptempo and most happy song that I can remember being sung by Pearl Jam – The Fixxer. Lyrically it’s more about the state of the world in a global community kind of feeling. It can also be about confessing your love to someone. So take it for either meaning, this song is just infectious. It’s also the first single off this cd.

?????? ????? ????

Singer Eddie Vedder noticed the album cover for Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s 1979 album, What the Hell Is This?, and imagined a man who becomes attracted to one of the various women on the cover and then wonders why this woman would rather be one of Watson’s many girlfriends instead of his only one. Thus was born Johnny Guitar! Just Breath is about as close to a love song as the band has ever got.

Amongst The Waves follows the theme of the ocean (Eddie is a surfer) but the lyrics connect the waves & the water to the highs & lows of a person’s personal journey. The band dwell into the human pysche for Unthought Known. Supersonic features a a fun trade-off between Stone Gossard and Mike McCready, the guitarists blending a heavy jam under a solo. Things slow down for Speed Of Sound, about a lost generation.

?????? ????? ????

Drummer Matt Cameron sets the beat for Force Of Nature, a song describing personalities and the strength of belief. It’s a truly great track. And finally we come to the apologetic The End, a plea for understanding and a promise of better times. 11 tracks, a bit too short in length for my taste but I do love this album. Enjoy the video for The Fixxer directed by Cameron Crowe.