TV Shows That I Watch

Currently the only tv series I watch on tv is Criminal Minds. I haven’t seen another show that interests me and that’s available on the cable channels that I get. When possible I catch reruns of The Simpsons, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond & Seinfeld but it’s not frequent. The sad state of Star World & AXN channels means less new & less diverse programing than before.

Just 3 to 4 years back¬†they had so many great shows¬†on every¬†night. I’d have atleast 4 to 5 shows to catch on a weeknight and probably 3 or 4 during¬†the weekend. However nowadays I can’t stand to watch much¬†tv, except for football matches. Fortunately¬†there¬†internet & cheap dvds are¬†there for¬†the rescue.

My current¬†list is a sci-fi bonanza – I’m currently downloading Star Trek : TOS, Star Trek : DS9, Star Trek : Voyager, Star Trek : Enterprise and Stargate : Atlantis. I¬†had been able to buy dvds of Atlantis Season 1-3 but the last two seasons have elluded me so I’m downloading it via torrents. Voyager is at the most advanced stage – I’ve got about 20 episodes left of¬†the last two seasons to download. Once I¬†complete¬†that I¬†might¬†move¬†on to¬†the new Battlestar Galatica.