Shawny Jr. Had Kids

Some of my regular readers may remember me blogging about Shawny Jr, who is my sister’s dog. And who was with me for a year when they first got her as a pup (because some of the other residents in my sister’s apartment building objected to having a dog there).

Well, my sister has become a grandma of sorts. They had got this other dog, a male who is a stray mixed with some other breed. Shawny Jr. was pregnant and last evening she delivered two white puppies of her own.

Jr. is a black lab & dalmation mix but she is mostly black as you can see. The dad of the puppies is mostly white and so the pups are white with just a couple of black spots on their head. I’m not sure but I think Dalmations tends to be almost completely white when they are born and the black spots appear as they grow older. I think my sister wants the pups to look more like Dalmations.