Sens Update Nov 11th, 09

Well I missed the 5 match update which closed out October but I’ll go with the update of the 3 games played in November so far. On the 5th of November Jason Spezza scored a power-play goal 4:17 into overtime to give the Ottawa Senators a 3-2 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Spezza also assisted on Daniel Alfredsson’s first-period goal, but his first tally of the season couldn’t have been more timely. Mike Fisher also scored for Ottawa and Pascal Leclaire made 18 saves in the third meeting between the two teams this season, the second in seven days.

Two days on Saturday, at home the Sens lost 2-3 to the New Jersey Devils. Milan Michalek and Brian Lee scored for the Senators. Pascal Leclaire, celebrating his 27th birthday, stopped 22 shots.

And last night Spezza scored the winning goal in the shootout for the Ottawa Senators, who came from behind twice to beat the Edmonton Oilers 4-3 on Tuesday night. Chris Neil scored his third goal of the season with just under seven minutes left in regulation to give the Senators a 3-2 lead. Jonathan Cheechoo and Nick Foligno also scored for the Senators. Leclaire made 31 saves.

Star Trek : TOS Women 2

Another specimen (and what a sexy specimen at that) of my theory that the Star Trek Original Series women and women of the 60’s were of a sexier class all of their own. In Dagger Of The Mind (season 1, episode 10) we see Dr. Helen Noel, played by Mariann Hill.

Hill was born in Italy and lived in several countries before her family setting in the US. That Italian chic look, with pouty lips and a dimple – ohh, it was love & lust for me at first sight.

Her ability to learn a number of accents combined with a vaguely foreign beauty, earned her a number of feature film and television roles. She worked steadily from the early 1960s until the early 1980s. Her film work included a number of B-movies, such as The Invisible Strangler. She is cousin to retired American general H. Norman Schwarzkopf.

Dr. Helen Noel was a psychiatrist with a background in rehabilitative therapy, and a member of Doctor Leonard McCoy’s medical staff aboard the USS Enterprise in 2266. in Dagger Of The Mind, she and Captain Kirk visited the penal colony to talk with Dr. Tristan Adams and learn about the accident that occurred there. They discover a neural neutralizer whose effects render patients highly susceptible to suggestions and which was being manipulated by Dr. Adams and his staff to conduct unauthorized experiments.

Our lovely lady manages to get into the action, fighting off the villians and finds the power controls and deactivate the security force field. That field protects the facility, and prevents transporters from operating in it. Noel manages to deactivate the field long enough for Spock and a security force to beam down and secure the colony.